Holly Hager Weight-Loss Pictures: See If 'My 600-LB Life' Gave Holly A Second Chance At Losing Weight

Holly Hager had already attempted weight-loss surgery before appearing on My 600-LB Life but only ended up gaining more weight after seeing some initial results.

Now, fans of the show are hoping to see some weight-loss pictures from Holly since her appearance on the show and a journey to Houston for a second chance at turning around her life. As Newsweek reported, Holly had already given one try at losing weight, making the decision to have her stomach stapled after a marriage ended in her early 30s. She saw some weight loss at first, but eventually fell into her bad eating habits and has now seen her weight rise into the 500s.

Like many who are featured on the show, Holly's eating problems stemmed from a troubled childhood in a home filled with the tension of two parents trying to make ends meet. After she was sexually assaulted at age 16, the habits worsened and Holly turned to food as a coping mechanism. Her first failed marriage only added to the struggles, Monsters and Critics noted.

"My first husband, he was the first guy I had trusted. And I felt like he had betrayed that trust with how he had treated me for ten years…so I left him and got weight loss surgery," she said in a clip posted on the website. "I wanted to take my life back and finally lose all the weight so I had my stomach stapled. And for the year after that I really started to lose weight for the first time in my life."

While Holly Hager came onto the show with a desire to turn her life around -- which is not always a given with other subjects who come onto the show struggling to overcome mental illnesses -- the network has not revealed much of her potential weight loss after appearing on My 600-LB Life. While Holly Hager does have some presence on social media, the pictures of herself that she has posted appear to be from before her time on the TLC docu-series. Fans hoping to see some signs of progress have taken to social media in hopes of finding it, though most of the stories on Holly focused on her past rather than her present.

But there were at least some signs that Holly Hager lost weight after My 600-LB Life, including a post on Instagram showing off a 40-pound weight loss.So those looking for more potential weight-loss pictures from Holly Hager after her time on My 600-LB Life will have to keep an eye on the show's official page, where updates are generally posted within a day of the episode airing.