Barbra Streisand’s Personal Tweet Has Richard E. Grant In Tears

For all of the stories about jaded movie stars, there is a sweet report today about Academy Award nominee Richard E. Grant and a touching fan letter he wrote 47 years ago to Barbra Streisand as a 14-year-old boy living in Swaziland, Africa. Grant shared a photo of himself outside of Streisand’s front gate along with a copy of the fan letter, and the singer responded with a sweet note of her own on Twitter.

RTE shared a copy of the fan letter which offered Streisand a “two-week holiday, or longer” as a way to relax and be herself away from prying eyes. He promised her that she would not be mobbed or bothered if she came to stay at his family home in Swaziland. Grant posted the letter along with photos he took on his visit to the singer’s Los Angeles home with fan photos outside her gate.

Much to his surprise, she wrote back, and tears flowed as his daughter read him the response that Streisand posted on Twitter while a friend took his picture.

“My pal Nicole Wilcox took this photo as my daughter read me @BarbraStreisand ‘s tweet/response to a letter I sent her 47 yrs ago. Am completely crinkle faced & overcome with emotion. My ‘Message in a bottle’ miracle.”

In what felt like the final verse in the song by the Police, Grant’s “Message in a Bottle” had finally washed up on the right shore, and Streisand wrote back after almost five decades on Twitter.

“Dear Richard What a wonderful letter you wrote me when u were 14! and look at u now! You’re terrific in your latest movie with Melissa congratulations and love Barbra.”

Grant, 61, who is nominated this year for the first time for an Oscar in Can You Ever Forgive Me? in which he stars alongside Melissa McCarthy, was so touched that he penned a new note thanking Ms. Streisand for not calling the police on him as a stalker outside her home.

“I cannot begin to properly express what your generous reply has meant to me! THANK YOU. And most especially for NOT calling Security to have me arrested!!”

Vulture shared their hopes that Richard E. Grant and Barbra Streisand are on their way toward a “beautiful friendship.” Even though Grant no longer lives in Swaziland, it’s likely that he would love to have Babs as his guest in the U.K., or at least have her over to his hotel for high tea. Vulture says they hope to see a 2019 post on Instagram with the two stars smiling cheek to cheek.

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