‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Wednesday: Ryan Rushes To Ferncliff & Kevin Is Furious

Wednesday is slated to bring another buzzworthy episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that Ryan will be in a rush to deal with some sort of problem with Kevin at Ferncliff and this will seemingly add to the stack of problems Chamberlain is already facing. Fans are anxious to see Ryan busted for impersonating Kevin and the January 29 show might lay out some breadcrumbs for that to happen soon.

As viewers saw during Tuesday’s show, Ryan lingered at the door as Lulu was questioned by Jordan and he quickly intervened when she said she remembered him coming to her office the night she was attacked. Nobody seemed to think much of his redirection on this front and for now, Jordan, Laura, and Lulu all believe that she remembers nothing about who harmed her that night.

Ryan also told Laura that it is best not to push Lulu to remember what happened, which is advice that is obviously in his personal best interest. Before he could even take a breath from all of that, he got a phone call from Ferncliff indicating that there was a problem of sorts with “Mr. Wilson.” As fans know, Wilson is the alias Ryan is using for his brother Kevin.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps share that Kevin will be a significant part of Wednesday’s show and he’ll apparently be quite upset over something. The sneak peek for this next episode suggests that Ryan will be at Ferncliff, tearing into a staff member who seems to be standing in an empty room. He questions how the staff member could let this happen, and fans are left hanging about exactly what has gone down.

Could Kevin have managed to escape or turned the tables to take over his persona again? That would be a juicy development, but it doesn’t sound as if that’s the case. In fact, it looks as if it may be Ryan who is enraged as this show plays out, but of course, everybody else thinks he’s Kevin, including the staff at Ferncliff.

It’s not clear yet whether viewers will see Kevin and Ryan together during Wednesday’s show or not, but it seems time for that to happen again. Some fans have even speculated that perhaps there is no separate Ryan and maybe Kevin really has been Kevin all along.

The theory is that Kevin may have had another breakdown like he’d experienced years ago and currently thinks he’s Ryan. In any case, it does sound like the next show will give viewers some juicy tidbits to sink their teeth into with this continuing storyline.

Whatever it is that happened at Ferncliff, it would seem that Ryan has another problem on his hands. He has managed to keep anybody from Ferncliff questioning the switch he made with his brother and he’s kept Kevin heavily medicated. If someone were to slip and leave Kevin unmedicated so he could convince someone of his real identity, for example, that could be a big game-changer.

There has been speculation that Ryan might go to talk to Kevin to try to figure out the scoop on Dr. Cabot, and there are definitely questions to be asked there. It has also been speculated that Ryan might gloat to Kevin about having harmed Lulu, and this is something that would definitely leave Kevin intensely angry.

Moving forward, Soap Central details that later in the week Ryan will step up as a resource for Jordan once again. In addition, General Hospital spoilers have teased that soon he’ll start using and manipulating Franco in some way and all signs point toward this being a big problem as another victim will make his hit list soon.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Ryan may start slipping more and more as his desperation grows. His evil deeds won’t be uncovered for at least another couple of weeks, but it does sound as if the truth may emerge at some point over the next month. Fans are anxious to see how this all plays out and it looks as if things will escalate quickly from this point going forward.