Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Lulu’s Anxious, Ava’s Making Threats, & Curtis Gets A Warning

General Hospital spoilers for the show airing on Tuesday, January 29, hint that there’s a lot of action on the way once again. Lulu has awakened, but can’t remember what happened to her — and Ava is determined to find the man who took Kiki from her. Stella is putting Curtis in his place, and Sam is cooking up a scheme to figure out the truth about Shiloh.

As the Inquisitr previously shared, Sam surprised Jason at the end of Monday’s show by announcing they had to split up, just hours after finally reuniting. Luckily, it looks like Jason and Sam’s reunion will continue — but General Hospital spoilers suggest that they’ll keep it pretty quiet as she tries to back Shiloh into a corner, and figure out what he’s really doing in Port Charles.

Ryan tried to get rid of Lulu once again, but he was interrupted by Laura and the doctor. He was anxiously listening by the door as Lulu talked with Jordan and Laura about what happened — and he’s surely greatly relieved that she doesn’t remember his arrival at her office. Despite that, General Hospital spoilers tease that things will remain intense on this front.

SheKnows Soaps notes that Laura will be feeling desperate during Tuesday’s show, and it looks like Lulu will feel the same. They are anxious to know who is responsible for her injuries, and obviously, they have no idea that the man responsible is standing right outside Lulu’s room.

Ava thinks she’s found the perfect man for her in “Kevin,” and General Hospital spoilers detail that she will rant to her new beau about how anxious she is to find the man responsible for what happened to Kiki. While it may take a little while yet, there are signs pointing toward Ava becoming central to unraveling this mystery and fans cannot wait to watch as she realizes how all of the pieces fit together.

The Twitter sneak peek reveals that Shiloh will talk with Kristina about how important it is to him that he regain her trust. Kristina is confused by how Daisy was essentially stalking Sam, but she’s also quite taken with Shiloh and his Dawn of Day crew — so it seems likely she’ll be fairly easy to win back over again.

Stella will tell Curtis that he needs to get his nose out of her personal life. This will be some intriguing turnabout to watch, of course, since Stella has spent a great deal of time and energy over the years sticking her nose in his personal business.

As Stella does her best to stand back and watch all that’s happening with Mike, Yvonne, and Marcus, Sonny and Carly are facing a heartbreaking decision. They know that it’s time to move Mike full-time into a care facility, but it’s been brutal for Sonny to accept this.

Carly and Sonny will talk with Griffin about the situation, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that soon the family will face this big change. Also coming up in the next few episodes is action with Kim and Drew, a warning from Julian to Brad, and — it would seem — a visit by Ryan to see Kevin at Ferncliff. Teasers suggest that there is a lot of chaos on the horizon, and fans will have a lot to buzz about in the days ahead.