‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Lala Kent Reveals Why People Don’t Like ‘Lowdown’ And ‘Dirty’ Billie Lee

Tommy GarciaBravo

Lala Kent and Billie Lee went head-to-head during Monday night’s Vanderpump Rules.

Following major tensions stemming from last week’s claims of exclusion from Billie, she and Lala found themselves at odds once again during last night’s episode.

While discussing the events of the previous episode, Lala and Billie reached a stalemate as they refused to look at the situation from the other’s point of view.

“You’re coming from a cis point of view. I am coming from a trans experience,” Billie yelled at Lala, according to a report from TooFab on January 28.

“And that is it for me,” Lala replied. “You’re dismissed.”

Although Lala attempted to get away from Billie as they visited with their co-stars at Scheana Marie’s new apartment in Marina Del Ray, Bille followed her into the living room and told her, “you’re not f**king better than me, Lala!”

“You’re not better than everyone just because you have a f**king rich boyfriend! You f**king privilege a**,” she continued.

In response, Lala labeled Billie as “pathetic” and called her a “f**king lowdown h*.”

According to Lala, Billie wasn’t purposefully excluded and the fact that she suggested the women of the show were transphobic was absolutely absurd. She then said Billie was acting like a “f**king psychopath” and claimed that the reason no one likes her is because she’s “catty” and showed her true colors.

After hearing what Lala Kent had to say, Billie Lee fired back at her co-star by claiming she was constantly talking badly about people. However, Lala quickly shut Billie down by demanding she not flip the script. As she explained, the issue at hand was not about her, it was about Billie and her behavior.

“You’re lowdown. You’re dirty,” Lala added.

While Billie got along well with her Vanderpump Rules co-stars during Season 6, she’s been much more abrasive when dealing with them throughout the show’s seventh season. Just last week, Billie admitted to “liking” posts on Twitter that suggested her co-star Katie Maloney was transphobic. Although Billie insisted she never used the word herself, many of her co-stars and those watching took major offense to what she suggested and have voiced their opinions on social media.

In a blog, Billie attempted to defend her behavior by suggesting she was “triggered” by the Girls Night event at SUR Restaurant.

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