Chris Brown Drops New Song Bragging About Bedding 'Different Women Every Night' Amid Rape Allegations

Since Chris Brown was released in France after being held on rape allegations, he's hit the ground running in hopes of making his stance very clear. According to Chris, he is completely innocent. After being released, Chris took to social media with a very colorful statement about his accuser. The singer also released a t-shirt design that included three words on the front: "that b***h lyin'." However, Chris Brown didn't stop there. He boldly included a photo of his accuser on the back of the shirt. As expected, the photo of Chris Brown's shirt has gone viral but now the singer is back again.

Now, according to Hollywood Life, Chris Brown has released a song titled, "Who Dis." The singer took to Instagram with a quick video that included a snippet of the song and a text message screenshot that read, "Who Dis." In the song, Chris addressed the latest allegations and slammed his accuser.

"Attention, my baby's comin' over I'ma need everyone to go/Take what you need and get to steppin'/No, you don't need to wait out/Traffic, I hear it's kinda crazy/More time for me to clean up/She might think there is something shady/Really, seriously, you need to hurry up/ If you only knew about the way she drive/You would understand, I ain't f**king all right/If she come through the front door, and you gotta hide/Gotta hide, she be like/Who this b***h all up in my house?"
The singer went on to directly address the current situation. "Can't even play like I'm innocent/Every night I f**k a different b***h/I'm the man, you the woman, it's different."

Check out the clip of the song.

The latest news follows a string of reports about Chris Brown's arrest. On January 25, Chris Brown filed an official defamation lawsuit against his accuser in the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office. The lawsuit was reportedly filed by French attorney Raphael Chiche on Chris' behalf. If found guilty, the 24-year-old accuser - whose initials are K.M. - could face "five years in prison and a 45,000 Euro fine" if the allegations are proven to be false, according to Page Six.

On January 16, the victim claimed she was raped by Chris Brown at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Paris. Shortly after she made the allegations, the singer was arrested. However, the arrest was short-lived. Ever since his release, Chris Brown has been standing his ground.

Despite the allegations, he denies "sexual relations of any sort."