'General Hospital' Spoilers: Alexis Gets A Dose Of Shiloh's 'Dawning'

General Hospital spoilers for this coming week indicates that Shiloh, the leader of the supposed cult called Dawn of Day, is expected to be having quite the impact on the Davis women. He is still somewhat of a mystery, but Sam won't stop until she finds out exactly what he is really up to. It looks like this guy will not only continue to mesmerize Kristina, but he will also be giving her mother her own "dawning" experience.

Shiloh is all about giving and charity work. He also holds seminars for those who are in need of some help dealing with their past. Kristina had her own experience with Daisy trying to pull some painful and unresolved memories of her past to the forefront. Sam was there in person to witness how it all works and she wasn't too happy with it. She put a stop to it quickly. Now Alexis will be heading to one of those seminars with Kristina by her side, according to SheKnows Soaps.

Kristina has nothing but good things to say about the leader of Dawn of Day. In fact, she will be falling even deeper into Shiloh's spell. Somehow she will convince her mother to attend one of the seminars, but this time Alexis will be on the receiving end of reliving some painful memories of her past that includes Julian Jerome.

The General Hospital spoilers tease that Alexis will be forced to look at her past with her ex. It's obvious that she still has feelings for Julian, despite him holding a knife to her throat a few years ago. He has changed his ways and is now living life outside of the mob and his sister Olivia's hold. But that doesn't change the fact that he did what he did that ruined their relationship.

Now she will be forced to reexamine her feelings for him and that will be tough for Alexis. What is Shiloh's real reason for delving into past lives and making people face them in the present? He certainly has a tight grip on Kristina and Sam is very concerned. Now this guy is also spending time with her mother.

Alexis didn't seem to be fooled by Shiloh when she first met him at Kelly's last week. She was very suspicious about his relationship with her daughter and didn't appear to be too trusting of him. That could change once he and Daisy are done making her face her past with Julian.

There is still lots to learn about Shiloh, so more surprises are on the way. Keep tuned into General Hospital this week to see how Alexis reacts to facing some painful memories.