'Teen Mom OG' Tyler Baltierra Gushes About Being A Father

Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra enjoys being a father and he often shares photos and videos of his family on social media. Most recently, he took to Instagram to share a sweet video of his four-year-old daughter Nova.

In the video, Tyler can be heard talking to his daughter Nova about different things and her adorable answers can be heard. Along with the video, Tyler shared a sweet caption about being a father.

Tyler wrote, "Seriously, I may have not done a lot of things right in life... but bringing this gentle, beautiful, curious & strong spirit into the universe is something I'm so proud of & I'm just honored to be her father. Her heart is so pure & deep... I just love her SO MUCH!!!"

Tyler's wife Catelynn Lowell gave birth to Nova on New Years Day 2015. Later that year, Catelynn and Tyler tied the knot in a wedding ceremony after being together for many years.

Fans were introduced to the couple in 2009 when they appeared on the MTV show 16 and Pregnant. On the show, the two teens found out that Catelynn was pregnant with a girl. The two had to make a hard decision, deciding whether or not to try and raise their daughter despite not being ready or placing her for adoption. Catelynn and Tyler were the only couple from the first season of the show to place their child for adoption, a decision that was not easy for the couple. After 16 and Pregnant, cameras continued to follow Catelynn and Tyler on Teen Mom. Fans have watched the open adoption play out as well as the emotions that come along with making such a decision.

In September 2018, Catelynn and Tyler revealed that they were expecting another baby. Although they hadn't planned on having another baby so soon, they are both excited for the new addition to their family.

According to US Weekly, Tyler revealed that he was shocked at first, but explained, "After the initial shock wore off, I starting getting excited due to the fact that the universe obviously wanted this baby to come into the world no matter what! And after the miscarriage, this is truly a blessing... like every child!"

The couple revealed that they are expecting another girl together. Catelynn is due in early March, but some fans speculate that she may be induced at 37 weeks after she posted a social media poll asking if any of her followers had been induced at that time. It is important to note, though, that Catelynn hasn't confirmed she will be induced.

Catelynn and Tyler have been getting ready for their baby, too. Recently, Catelynn revealed on Instagram that they had started getting the baby nursery set up. It is clear these two are ready to meet their baby girl!