Stormy Daniels Trolls Trump At Adult Film Industry Award, Says ‘He ‘F***ed More People Than Anyone’

Stormy Daniels thought someone was missing when she showed up to the AVN Awards, which honors the best performances in the adult film industry.

The adult film star, appearing at the awards with attorney Michael Avenatti, said she thought Donald Trump should be there as well since he had “f***ed more people than anybody.” As the Daily Mail reported, Daniels was featured this weekend at the AVN Expo that took place before the awards, signing copies of her book, in which she recounted the alleged affair she had with Trump in the months after the birth of his son.

She and Avenatti were going hard against Trump all weekend, with the lawyer also joking on the red carpet before the award show that he and the special counsel investigating Trump’s alleged Russian collusion were being honored at the show.

“It’s an honor for me to be here tonight because Bob Mueller and I were co-nominated for an award tonight. It’s a joint award. It’s ‘Best Domination of a Sitting US President,’ ” he joked.

While he hasn’t taken a break from going after Donald Trump on Twitter, Avenatti has also continued to press for some real oversight for the president, including a demand that former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s testimony to Congress be made public.

Stormy Daniels has also continued her very public pressure on Cohen, the lawyer who engineered the hush money payment to Daniels to keep quiet about her allegations against Trump, a payment that has helped to send Cohen to prison for felony campaign finance violations. After Cohen said this week that he would need to delay his testimony due to threats to his family, Daniels reminded him that her family had been threatened as well in an attempt to keep her from coming forward about the affair.

“Are you f***ing serious, Mikey?! What about MY family? You gave zero s***s about my baby,” she wrote on Twitter, via Indy 100.

“In all serious though, this is WHY you shouldn’t back down! This is your chance to be a hero! I’ll loan you some of my balls, hold your hand, or whatever else you need to do the right thing.”

Though Donald Trump had denied having an affair with Stormy Daniels, Cohen revealed that it was actually Trump who directed the hush money payment both to her and to another woman who claimed to have an affair with him during the same time period, Playboy model Karen McDougal.