'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Cast Satisfied With Series Finale

As Netflix subscribers know too well, it wasn't too long enough that the streaming giant broke the news that the hilarious original comedy series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt would not be returning for a fifth season. This news came as a bit of a shock to both subscribers and the cast, as the series comes with a massive following.

The cast, while sad, have collaboratively admitted that they are quite satisfied with the way their journey ends.

The eclectic gang of misfit characters that viewers have come to know – and love – has had a home on Netflix since the show's pilot season back in 2015. The show was originally slated to air on NBC but was sold to Netflix before the show was released. It proceeded to become one of the most popular Netflix original series to date.

The series has produced a whopping 52 episodes. While that might not seem like much, co-executive producer Robert Carlock told Page Six it is a huge number for a streaming series.

"In the streaming world, doing 52 episodes, that's the new 100 of the old model and we're just very grateful that we got to tell all those stories and we will definitely miss these characters and we'll see what's next," he explained.

During recent cast interviews at the Paley Center for Media this past Thursday, several of the cast members opened up to Page Six about the show and their feelings on its conclusion.

Ellie Kemper, who plays the title role of Kimmy Schmidt, revealed that she has loved the experience of watching Kimmy grow and develop as a character and stated that she believes the end of the series "wraps her journey for now very beautifully."

Ellie's cast of supporting characters also revealed that it was Kimmy's character that really encouraged the growth and development of the shows other roles.

Jane Krasinski, who plays Jacqueline White on the show, reminisced about how all the characters were separate entities in the beginning, with each of them being a part of different areas of Kimmy's new life.

"Kimmy was our only link to each other, really. I mean, I don't even think I knew Tituss [Burgess'] character's name until Season 3. I called him, like, Trinkus and many different names but never the right name until Season 3," Krasinski explained.

The teary-eyed actress went on to say that the show really captured how much the characters (and the actors who played them) loved each other very much.

Kemper also mused about why working on the set of a show is so much different than being in the corporate world.

"I think it's because you are doing work that requires you to be emotional and you are spending so much time together so thank goodness that I got to work with these people because they're all kind people … who are actually my friends," she explained.

While the show is coming to a definite end, the Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that there are talks about a possible movie deal in the works. Producers from Netflix and NBC Universal have declined further comment on the topic thus far.

The entire four-season run can be streamed on Netflix, and you can catch the much anticipated and emotional final four episodes of the series on the streaming service now as they hit Netflix on Friday, January 25.