Matt LeBlanc Reveals Which Props He Stole From The ‘Friends’ Set

Rich FuryGetty Images

As one of the most popular sitcoms of this generation, it’s hard to believe Friends ended nearly 15 years ago. Although rumors that the cast might consider doing a revival of the show were quickly shot down, fans can still enjoy the full series on Netflix. In fact, the streaming service paid reportedly paid $1oo million to keep the show available to subscribers.

Actor Matt LeBlanc made a name for himself as Joey Tribbiani on the series. He was only 25 when the show’s pilot first aired in 1994. Now at 51-years-old, he recalls the mass success of Friends and the experiences he shared with fellow cast members, according to E! News.

LeBlanc sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Friday night’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He came on the show to promote the new season of his CBS show Man with a Plan, in which he co-stars with Liza Snyder. The show explores the theme of modern parenthood with the comedy that LeBlanc is known for. Although LeBlanc has worked on numerous other projects throughout the years, his role on Friends remains the part he is most known for. And when Fallon asked him whether or not he took any set items with him when the show ended, he admitted to “stealing” a few pieces of sentimental value.

One of the set pieces LeBlanc was most excited about snatching upon the show’s final episode was the infamous Magna Doodle that hung on the door to Joey and Chandler’s apartment. The Magna Doodle was a staple of the on-set apartment, appearing in many episodes. It often depicted comical sketches relating to the episode’s storyline.

Electrician Paul Swain was the artist behind the drawings. Before leaving the set for the final time, LeBlanc took the Magna Doodle and gifted it to Swain as something to remember the show by.

“I stole it and gave it to him, so he’s got it. So, that’s kind of cool,” the actor said. “I could have sold it for a lot more.”

He made sure to snatch something for himself too, taking the foosball table from Joey and Chandler’s apartment. He would have taken more if he could, though he said that he couldn’t fit the famous Friends couch in his car. Of course, the most notable thing he took from the show was “a ton of cash,” he joked.

Although he still laughs at memories made on the show, he doesn’t typically binge watch episodes.

“I have a hard time watching it these days because it makes me feel like I’m 100 years old,” he said.