WWE Rumors: WWE Planning A ‘Big’ Surprise For 2019 ‘Royal Rumble,’ Per ‘WrestleVotes’


On Sunday night, WWE will present the 2019 Royal Rumble, which will have two matches full of 30 superstars each, and they will be after huge prizes. The winners of the men’s and women’s Royal Rumble matches will receive championship opportunities at WrestleMania 35, and anyone could possibly snag it. This year, though, it appears as if mystery entrants are not only guaranteed, but one surprise is going to be a rather “big” one.

A number of spots still remain open and available to others on the WWE roster or NXT or even those not currently with the company. Each and every single year, the Royal Rumble has a number of surprise entrants that no one may have seen coming and they make things really fun.

With two big battle royals on the pay-per-view instead of one, it offers double the chance of mystery entrants who could shock the world. Most of the time, those entrants are past superstars or someone from NXT making a one-time main roster appearance until their main call-up.

Other times, though, the mystery entrants can be quite big, just as AJ Styles was when he made his WWE debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble. According to WrestleVotes, WWE is planning something on that level this year, and they are keeping it from everyone.

There have been numerous guesses online by fans and others who think they know who will be a surprise entrant this year. One of the biggest names being tossed around is that of Kenny Omega, whose contract with New Japan Pro Wrestling is up at the end of January, thus making him a free agent.

For now, there is no way of knowing where Omega will end up, as it could be WWE or All Elite Wrestling or Ring of Honor, or anywhere he chooses.

Kenny Omega's time in NJPW has come to an end, but where will he go next?
Featured image credit: NJPW

According to WrestleVotes, though, this surprise is not about one of the biggest wrestling free agents of all time.

If it’s not Omega, who could it possibly be?

There are countless suggestions out there for mystery entrants in the Royal Rumble matches this year. That actually goes for both the men’s and women’s matches, as there are multiple slots still open in each one.

Kenny Omega’s status is up in the air right now, but there are likely some who know where he is headed and when he will get there. If it’s going to be with WWE, they are going to keep that a secret until the absolute last possible minute. As for the Royal Rumble on Sunday night, there will be a very “big” surprise of some kind, and it could be a mystery entrant or it could be something entirely different.