‘The Young And The Restless’ Fans Weigh In On Arturo’s Reason For Proposing To Abby

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Recently on the Young and the Restless, Arturo shocked Abby and everybody else at Mia and Rey’s vow renewal. Although he only recently declared his love, Arturo is ready to settle down, and many viewers think it came out of nowhere and maybe not for the best reasons.

Earlier, Y&R‘s Twitter account asked fans to vote in a poll. The show posed the question, “Why do you think Arturo proposed?” The possible answers included “He loves Abby” and “To make Mia jealous.”

So far, it seems far more fans of the show think that Arturo (Jason Canela) asked Abby (Melissa Ordway) to marry him because he wanted to make his sister-in-law, Mia (Noemi Gonzalez), jealous. However, just over 40 percent believe his intentions toward Abby are right and he really loves her.

After Mia and Arturo nearly kissed while Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) found himself stuck alone with Sharon (Sharon Case) in bad weather, Arturo declared his love and decided to settle down in mere days, which seems awfully fast for somebody who usually enjoyed having fun and not getting too serious in relationships.

One follower had a slightly different, more nuanced take.

“I think he’s trying to prove that he’s over Mia by proposing to Abby. It is clear he is not over her. Which sucks for me because I am really rooting for Abby and Arturo!!” she said.

However, another viewer felt that Abby and Arturo are doomed because he still has feelings for Mia, even though she and Rey recommitted to their marriage in a public way.

“Agreed. And she [Mia] still has feelings for him. It’s 100% inevitable that these two will hook up in the near future!” she wrote.

One fan pointed out how the entire proposal at another woman’s marriage ceremony wasn’t exactly a smooth move for somebody who wants to marry Abby Newman.

“Honestly, I think it was a little of both. Kinda cringeworthy for Abby tbh,” the follower replied.

No matter what Arturo’s real reason, Abby did say yes, and now they’re planning a wedding and letting everybody know about their engagement. The Inquisitr reported that the couple will face opposition to their proposed union, and it’s likely more than one Genoa City resident will oppose their marriage. Certainly, Abby’s dad, Victor (Eric Braeden), won’t appreciate it, and he gives Arturo an ultimatum next week. Plus, there’s also Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), with whom Arturo had a fling with last year, and then, of course, Mia will likely attempt to get in the way.