Kylie Jenner Touring With Travis Scott To Keep An Eye On Him After Tristan Thompson Cheating Scandal, Per ‘RO’

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Kylie Jenner isn’t letting boyfriend Travis Scott out of her sight.

As most fans know, Jenner toured with Scott during most of his Astroworld Tour last year and she has plans to continue to tour with him this year. Sources tell Radar Online that Jenner has requested that she get her own trailer for the tour and she wants to spend as much time as she can with Travis. When Travis is not on the stage, Kylie expects him to be hanging out with her and their daughter, Stormi.

The insider goes on to share the Kylie is on high alert and wants to make sure that Scott stays faithful to her. Not only did a viral internet prank of a fake Travis Scott cheating make Jenner paranoid, but Kylie is also shaken after Tristan Thompson cheated on her sister Khloe. The 21-year-old wants to be sure that the same thing doesn’t happen to her if Scott is left unattended.

“She refuses to be left at home holding the baby while he’s out in clubs having girls throw themselves at him,” the sourced tells the publication. “She learned that lesson after it happened to her big sister [Khloe] when her boyfriend cheated on her while she was pregnant.”

But Travis Scott is reportedly not as on board with Jenner following him around the country as she is. The same source says that the fact that Kylie is following Travis around makes him lose some of his credibility as a rapper.

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“Travis is pretty uncomfortable with the idea because he thinks it ruins his credibility as a bad-a** rapper if he’s rushing back to his baby mama at all hours,” the source shares. “But he knows he doesn’t really have a choice in the matter.”

And while she has her eyes set on tour right now, Jenner also is needing to keep her eyes on baby Stormi, who recently started walking. As the Inquisitr shared earlier this week, Kylie had cameras rolling as she was filming her Valentine’s Day lip kit for her millions of Instagram followers when baby Stormi interrupted things.

“Sorry, guys, we had a little intermission — my baby woke up so I was getting her ready for the day,” Jenner explained before telling fans that the tot is starting to walk.

She also shared a few snaps of Stormi walking around and holding her hand as well as one of Stormi standing without any assistance. After that, the lip kit mogul finished showing her fans the Valentine’s Day set that launches on February 1.