January 25, 2019
Angelina Jolie And Kids Sell Organic Dog Treats At Park In Los Angeles

Once again, Angelina Jolie is giving back.

Former Parenthood star Sarah Ramos took it upon herself to share a heartwarming story of Angelina Jolie and her children, even though it happened a few months ago. According to Ramos' Instagram post, she was at a dog park with her pooch in Los Angeles when she spotted Angelina Jolie and her three youngest kids — Knox, Vivienne, and Shiloh -- sitting at a table and selling dog treats.

In the image, Angie and the kids sit at a white fold-up table that bears a sign for organic dog treats. On the table sit a bunch of brown paper bags that are filled with organic dog treats. Angelina appears to be going semi-incognito as she sports a black shirt, gray sweater, and an oversized pair of sunglasses.

In the caption of the image, Ramos says that she does't know why God chose her to tell this story -- but she felt that it was her duty to "fulfill her calling" and tell the story of Angie and her kids selling treats. Ramos then went into further details about the tale on her Instagram Story, explaining why she decided to wait so long to share this, considering that it happened all the way back in November of 2018.

"This happened months ago in November and I felt that I needed to protect the privacy of Angie and her family who were just trying to sell some organic dog treats at the dog park," she said.
"You know I felt really conflicted. I thought, 'This is the story of our times, this completely ruined my day.' Everything was changed after I went to the dog park, clearly not expecting anything to happen as you can see based on my all-denim outfit that was not cute. I was not expecting anything and I found Angie Jolie."
Ramos also dished that while she was trying to go incognito and not let Angie and her three children know that she was snapping photos, she failed -- because Angie's kids definitely knew that she was taking a picture.

She also shared that she's glad that she was able to snap a photo and share the story of Angie giving -- but she also feels just a little bit guilty due to acting like the paparazzi, per Entertainment Tonight, though she did say at least it was her breaking the story and not TMZ.

So far, the post has earned the actress a ton of attention, garnering over 15,000 likes and 500-plus comments. Many fans commented on the image to gush over what an amazing person Angelina seems to be, while countless others applauded her for teaching her kids how to work hard.