‘Southern Charm’ Cast Had Thomas Ravenel’s Girlfriend Forced On Them For Season 6, Per ‘Celebrity Insider’

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After parting ways with Thomas Ravenel, Bravo, and Haymaker, the company which produces Southern Charm, seemed to cut the ex-politician’s sometimes girlfriend out of the equation, despite the fact that viewers turned in for season five to watch the bedlam.

But despite not making her a cast member or even a friend of the cast, Haymaker found a way to pay Ashley Jacobs a day rate and foist her upon the cast, according to Celebrity Insider. In fact, the core cast was so opposed to shooting with Ravenel’s ex that it was reportedly used as punishment towards one cast member who was a no-show on a skiing trip.

Celebrity Insider reveals that gossip blogger Tamara Tattles claims that Naomie Olindo was contractually forced to meet up with AJ for coffee, but decided to essentially play opossum so that the shoot was worthless.

The coup de grace was supposed to be getting Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis and AJ in the same place at the same time — and then force a confrontation. The leggy redhead made it clear that she wanted no part of, but new friend of the cast, Eliza Limehouse — the girl with some acreage to replace Brookland for shoots — invited her friend Ashley to a gathering at Casa Limehouse.

At the Limehouse party, the cast was less than pleased to see AJ, but they were polite. An attendee says that Ravenel’s sometimes girlfriend approached Dennis, and to the mother of two’s shock, threw her arms around her. Other awkward moments ensued, and production is allegedly not sure they can use much from that shoot, either.

Haymaker is hoping some of the other friends of the cast will click with viewers, like Chelsie Ravenell and his partner, Jacquelyn. They have the name and the looks, but not the baggage, per the Inquisitr.

The last-ditch effort for Season 6 of Southern Charm came when AJ attempted to crash Patricia Altschul’s ball at the William Aiken House in Charleston — only to be met with a James Bond-like bodyguard who showed the hospice nurse the door, despite the fact that it was raining outside.

Bravo caught AJ’s disappointment on tape as she dialed up Ravenel from outside the historic Charleston estate. But according to posts on social media, the fun continued indoors. There, Dennis made her first appearance with her new beau, country musician Hunter Price from America’s Got Talent.

Haymaker is unlikely to be concerned with fan reaction, as Season 6 sounds like it could be a ratings bonanza.