January 24, 2019
Pink Slams Social Media Users Who Criticized Her Recent Opinions: 'That Middle Finger Is Pointed At You'

Pink is over people criticizing her on social media and she isn't afraid to show it.

Just one day after the singer posted a photo of herself flipping off the camera and telling followers that the gesture went out to all the "keyboard warriors," she shared an even lengthier post today. Along with a photo of herself standing against a blank wall and rocking a red Juicy Couture tank top, the mother-of-two posted a long caption on why she is not going to apologize for any opinions of hers that may offend people.

"Throw up Thursday. I am the same girl I've always been. I have always admitted when I am wrong. I have apologized many times. I'm a big believer in apologies, when you're wrong. I was raised by a Vietnam Veteran who taught me to stand up for what I believe to be right. Even if that means standing alone."
The 39-year-old then goes on to explain that she has never apologized for any of her "polarizing" opinions in the past and she doesn't plan on doing so now, either. She told any of her followers who were surprised by that tidbit of information to unfollow her if they want to because if they don't know that she is outspoken then they don't know who she really is.

"I am mostly peace and love, with a little bit of go f*** yourself," she continued. "So when you keyboard warriors (anonymous toughguys) threaten me? that middle finger is pointed at you. Again: the unfollow button is (I think) top right of your screen."

Once again, Pink directed any of her followers who were bothered by what she has to say to unfollow her, especially if they were offended by anything that she has to say. The singer says that our country is broken right now and it makes her really angry and sad. She then went on to compare people to her parents when "they could no longer even speak to each other with anything less than hatred and vitriol" before they ended up getting a divorce.
"It's tragic. And we're all to blame. There are many beautiful people in the world and in this country who want equality for all. Justice. For people to be paid for their work. For their leaders to communicate in productive ways. For children to have respect for others, for veterans to be honored and treated with respect."
To end the post, Pink says that the above ideals are the ones that her father raised her with and no matter what vile things people say to her about her and her husband, she is sticking to her guns and she's going to continue to move "onwards and upwards."

"Keep fighting the good fight," she ends the post.

According to People, the rant comes just days after she weighed in on the now-viral confrontation between a teenager wearing a MAGA hat and a elderly Native American and veteran. The singer lashed out at the student, calling their behavior both "appalling" and "beyond disrespectful."