January 24, 2019
Prince Charles Has Reportedly 'Always Felt Insecure' About His Lack Of Popularity, Per 'Closer'

Prince Charles has reportedly always felt "insecure" about the fact that his son, Prince William, and his mother, Queen Elizabeth, are both more popular than he is, Closer Weekly is reporting.

The prince of Wales, 70, may have literally been born to be king someday, but that doesn't mean that the British public wants him on the throne. In fact, according to a recent survey of the British public, 46 percent would prefer that Charles preemptively abdicate the throne when his mother dies -- leaving it to his younger and more popular son, Prince William, 36. But as Huffington Post notes, the line of succession to the throne is based on a thousand years of history and tradition, and is not a popularity contest. If that were the case, the United Kingdom's next monarch would likely be Prince Harry, the most popular member of the royal family who doesn't currently sit on the throne.

As for Charles, he seems to have several things working against him, first and foremost being his age. Considering the young age at which his mother, Queen Elizabeth, took the throne -- and her impressive longevity, as she is currently the longest-serving monarch the United Kingdom has ever had -- Charles may not have as long of a reign.

His son William, by comparison -- also born to someday be king -- is youthful, vivacious, and in the prime of his life.

Charles also left a bad taste in the mouths of the British public over his divorce from Princess Diana. The mother of William and Harry was beloved by many during her time, and Charles largely ignored her in favor of his first love, Camilla Parker-Bowles. Camilla, for her part, remains largely unpopular with the British public as well.

The lack of support from his subjects has apparently always been a thorn in Charles' side, says a royal insider.

"Charles has always felt insecure about his lack of popularity. So the fact that the public are pressuring him to give up the throne has hit a raw nerve. Charles can't help feeling jealous of William, his own son!"
Lack of popularity aside, don't expect Charles to abdicate, writes People. For starters, the last monarch to abdicate -- Elizabeth's Uncle, Edward VIII -- almost brought down the monarchy with him, and Charles and the country are in no mood for a repeat. Then there's the fact that, as mentioned above, a thousand years of history and tradition are basically forcing Charles' hand.

Popularity or no, Charles was born to be king, and is most likely to eventually assume the throne.