Emily Ratajkowski Tries Her Hand At Applying Her Own Makeup

Like most celebrities, Emily Ratajkowski has access to professional makeup artists and stylists. However, when most of your life is documented on Instagram, you need to have a few of your own makeup tricks up your sleeve. Emrata showcased her personal skills today in an Instagram post. Although she still looks just as sexy as ever, there’s one notable thing that stands out: a hint of raccoon eyes.

Anyone who has used liquid eyeliner knows that it’s not an easy tool to work with and much can go wrong without the perfect application technique. Ratajkowski’s makeup appears to have a heavier hand when she doesn’t get professional help, as evidenced by her lower eyelash line. If you compare today’s look to her previous images, you’ll see that she usually has a lower line that blends in more naturally.

The back of Emrata’s hair is also askew in her latest image, but that’s actually nothing new. The Gone Girl actress frequently takes selfies with hair that looks windblown or like she just got out of bed. The likely truth, though, is that she and her stylist work hard to achieve the perfect balance between messy and chic.

Interestingly, Ratajkowski told Vogue last year that she enjoys doing makeup for herself and her friends. She also told the magazine about developing her own five-minute makeup routine for date night with her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard.

“I’ve been obsessed with makeup for a really long time, but I just started getting really good at it maybe three years ago… I don’t feel like a normal person unless my eyebrows are brushed up. There’s nothing sadder than an eyebrow when it’s smushed down.”

Shape reported that eye makeup issues are very common, but there are several easy ways to fix things like shadow creasing, gloppy mascara, and raccoon eyes. Something as simple as using the wrong eyebrow pencil, forgetting to set the makeup with a base, or holding your mascara wand incorrectly can sabotage even the savviest person’s efforts, as evidenced by Ratajkowski’s latest selfie.

The good news for Emrata is that most of her fans still adore her look. Positive statements such as “You look amazing!!” and “Sheer beauty!” make up the bulk of the comments on this post. There are some naysayers, though, such as the person who wrote, “it shows” accompanied by a nauseated face emoji.

Of course, even her images with professional makeup attract some negativity. This has become the norm for celebrities who share their lives online. For example, Riverdale‘s Lili Reinhart was so upset by online negativity that Teen Vogue quoted her calling Twitter a “toxic” environment. So far, Ratajkowski appears to be taking all of the criticism in stride.

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