January 24, 2019
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Ryan Scrambles To Cover His Tracks, Putting Lulu And Kevin At Risk

Ryan Chamberlain is beginning to unravel on General Hospital this week. His killing rampage took a detour. He was intent on doing away with both Sonny and Carly -- until Lulu Falconeri interfered, and changed his plans. Now, he is furious that his attack on Lulu was not as successful as the rest of his victims. She barely survived, and now he is out to make sure that she won't give up his true identity.

Wednesday's General Hospital episode had Lulu clinging to life. Her surgery was a success, and Laura got word that she is expected to be okay. That is not what Ryan wanted to hear. However, he is now blind, which is what really saved Lulu's life. He was suddenly struck with the same virus as Anna Devane -- one that left him unable to see. Luckily, Lulu was able to get away from ultimate doom. General Hospital spoilers coming from SheKnows Soaps teases that Ryan is intent on finishing what he started. That doesn't sound good at all.

This means that he will end up having the same surgery that Anna had to repair the damage done to his eyes. He will then continue with his plan. This leaves Lulu's life still at risk. Spoilers also indicate that Ryan will head out to Ferncliff to pay another visit to Kevin. With the PCPD closing in on him, he may try to cover his tracks -- and that means possibly eliminating his twin brother.

Kevin is a liability to Ryan at this point in the game. However, he is sure to gloat to his brother about his latest attack on Lulu. This will infuriate Kevin, particularly when he finds out that Laura's daughter was one of Ryan's victims. Maybe this will be the incentive he needs to somehow break out of Ferncliff, looking to expose his serial killer brother.

In the meantime, Laura will still be trying to get answers on who the serial killer is. As the new mayor of Port Charles, and Lulu's mother, she is desperate to apprehend this suspect. When the truth comes out that Kevin was hiding Ryan at Ferncliff for years -- and that he is responsible for these killings -- she will be livid.

Who will be the one who sees the light and realizes that Ryan Chamberlain is alive and well? Fans are hoping that it's Ava who catches on, and who goes after Ryan herself for killing Kiki. This General Hospital story line is expected to continue at least until February sweeps. Keep watching to see how this all plays out.