New Promo Of TLC's 'Counting On' Teases Jana Duggar Has Big Announcement

Kim Brandow

TLC's Counting On sure knows how to get people's attention. A new promo clip was just released, and it's a huge teaser that something big is happening in the Duggar family. Courting, weddings, and having babies aren't exactly uncommon in this family, especially with so many kids coming of age, but who will be next is the question that fans try to guess.

The new season of Counting On will premiere on February 11, and TLC just posted the promo on Facebook. It has kept Duggar fans guessing as to what the next big news will be. The clip features the birth of Jinger and Jeremy's firstborn, Felicity Nicole, as well as John David's romantic proposal to Abbie Grace Burnett. Towards the end of the video comes the ultimate teaser.

The Counting On stars are seen sitting down during their usual discussions and interviews, but this time it's a little different. One of the producers asked some of the members of the family something quite interesting that has them looking a bit suspicious.

"What if I told you someone else in your family has a big announcement?"

The camera then panned to Jana Duggar who is sitting there with a huge smile on her face. The same producer told her that James was letting on that it was her that has the big announcement. She laughed at that. Is she really the Duggar that is about ready to make an announcement?

In addition, Jessa Seewald told a fan on Instagram last week that her sister was not in a relationship. So, either this big announcement that is coming up on Counting On is not at all about Jana Duggar, or it is but there is something else going on in her life right now. Courting may not be what this is all about. That would sure be a different concept. Could it be that Jana has something else going on in her life, like maybe a new business venture?

She just set up a new Instagram account less than a month ago and fans have been pushing for her to get into some type of gardening or home improvement gig. This could very well be an indicator of an exciting adventure for Jana.

The new season of TLC's Counting On begins soon. There is sure to be a few more teasers until then as well. Stay tuned.