‘Knightfall’ Season 2: New Trailer Drops Featuring Mark Hamill As Talus

When History Channel debuted their historical drama series based on the Knight Templar last year, it was met with a generally positive response from fans of this period in time. As a result, Knightfall was renewed by History Channel for a second season. However, news has been scant ever since regarding the upcoming season.

What fans do know, though, is that Stars Wars legend Mark Hamill will join the line up for Season 2 of Knightfall. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, he will play a character call Talus. This new character is described as “a battle-hardened Knight Templar veteran of the Crusades, who survived captivity for ten years in the Holy Land and is tasked with training the new initiates to the Order.”

Now, a new trailer has finally dropped which shows a little more detail about this elusive character.

As Deadline points out, there is decided conflict between Talus and Landry (Tom Cullen), a character who managed to not only head the secret group in Season 1 of Knightfall but also break the rules by having a relationship with a woman. This woman, who also turned out to be Queen Joan (Olivia Ross), also managed to produce a child to Landry.

The new trailer hints further at the conflict between Landry and Talus.

“Some brothers believe Landry may yet be saved,” Hamill says before ominously adding, “I am not one of them.”

Talus then goes on to suggest that Landry should leave the group, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“Leave us, Landry. Free of our rules, free of our vows. Leave us and never return.”

You can view the new Season 2 trailer for History Channel’s Knightfall below.

Deadline further suggests that Season 2 of Knightfall could delve into the Templars involvement with Friday the 13th. According to History, this date will always be associated with the Templars because it is believed to be the day that the secret religious group fell.

On this day, papers were sent by King Philip IV of France which detailed “lurid details and whispers of black magic and scandalous sexual rituals.” Following the release of these papers, more than 600 Templars were arrested. After being tortured, many of these Templars admitted to the alleged false claims.

While fans were also hoping for a Season 2 premiere date to also be announced with this trailer, it seems the wait continues. The new Knightfall trailer merely states that Season 2 is “coming soon.” However, with the fact that the Templars are so heavily associated with Friday the 13th, some fans are suggesting now that the series won’t return until September, which is the first month this year to feature a Friday that falls on the 13th.

However, fans will likely just have to wait until an official announcement from History Channel regarding the premiere date for Season 2 of Knightfall.

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