Ivanka Trump Wants Rudy Giuliani Booted From The Legal Team

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

After a number of media gaffes, Rudy Giuliani has indicated that Donald Trump doesn’t want him off his legal team, but others think it might be time for the former mayor of New York City to leave the White House. Giuliani has made several appearances on news shows to explain other comments he’s made about Donald Trump and the Mueller investigation, leading to confusion in and out of the White House.

Raw Story says that among the people who think that it’s time for the 74-year-old lawyer to move on from the Trump legal team are Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner, both senior White House advisors. Ivanka Trump is coming down on the side of seeing Giuliani as embarrassing, thinking that he has potentially put her father in even more legal jeopardy than he was previously.

Donald Trump himself is irked about the media coverage of his lawyer and friend and is open to hearing what Ivanka and Jared have to say about the matter, reports two Republicans.

The president’s oldest daughter wants Giuliani “booted.”

“According to sources, a debate is playing out inside the West Wing over Giuliani’s future. Trump is being encouraged by several people, including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, to dump Giuliani before it’s too late.”

But others who have Donald Trump’s ear believe that Giuliani should stay, and believe that he is doing a good job.

“Outside advisers Corey Lewandowski and Dave Bossie are lobbying Trump to keep Giuliani.”

A friend of the Trump lawyer says that Giuliani is loving the media attention but hasn’t yet figured out how to get the press to work for him rather than against him, immediately calling him out when there are inconsistencies.

“This has been a trial by fire for him. He can’t just say whatever he wants, because he’s being fact-checked on Twitter. Every time he does anything he gets caught.”

But according to Vanity Fair, Ivanka Trump might be wise to suggest that Giuliani leave her father’s legal team before he makes matters worse because it’s her name which has come up on some of these news shows. Giuliani, who does not represent Ivanka Trump or any of the Trump children, mentioned that he couldn’t confirm nor deny the statement from Michael Cohen that he kept the three oldest Trump siblings in the loop for the duration of the Trump Tower Moscow dealings. Through her own legal representation, Ivanka Trump said she was not involved in the matter at all and was not kept up to date.