Rob Kardashian Reportedly Dating Alexis Skyy To Get Back At Black Chyna According To ‘People’

Rob Kardashian is out for revenge against his ex, Blac Chyna.

As fans of the reality star know, Kardashian has most recently been linked to Alexis Skyy, who is a well-known nemesis of Blac Chyna. But the new romance didn’t quite happen by chance, according to a new report from People. It was reportedly part of Kardashian’s plan to get revenge against Blac Chyna.

A source close to the famous exes claims that Rob is still bitter for the way his relationship panned out with Blac Chyna, and he wants to give her a taste of her own medicine.

“All the drama he had with Chyna is still very much bothering him. He will probably never get over the way Chyna treated him. Spending time with Alexis is his way of getting back at Chyna. He is involved with Alexis, but who knows what will happen.”

The source goes on to say that Rob knows that he is supposed to lay low and stay out of the spotlight at this time but he’s bored and can’t help himself. The Inquisitr recently broke the news that things are heating up between Kardashian and the Love & Hip Hop star. But while dating rumors have just begun to swirl, the romance isn’t as new as everyone thinks.

A source close the couple dished that Alexis and Rob have been seeing each other for a while now but they had managed to keep it under wraps until recently. The same source also ensured fans that Alexis isn’t just using Rob for fame. She genuinely cares about him and they instantly shared a bond since they both have young children.

“She’s a very sweet girl, she’s ambitious, but not at the expense of the people in her life,” the source says.

“Her daughter is the center of her world and that’s something she and Rob bonded over right away because he’s the same way about his little girl.”

But despite how well his current relationship appears to be going, it seems as though Rob will always have Blac Chyna and drama in his life, especially because they share daughter Dream Kardashian together. This past weekend, the Inquisitr reported that Chyna made headlines after someone had called the authorities on her to do a welfare check on the 2-year-old.

An anonymous caller reportedly called the police and told them that Blac was so drunk over the weekend that it was likely hard for her to take care of Dream. But when police arrived at the scene, they found nothing wrong. In fact, Chyna and her nanny were both at the home and everything appeared to be fine.

One thing is for sure — with the Kardashians, there’s always drama.

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