Lucy Coe’s ‘Travel Guide To Port Charles’ Is A Real Book & ‘General Hospital’ Fans Are Anxious To Scoop It Up

Michael YadaABC

General Hospital character Lucy Coe has been excitedly promoting her Port Charles travel guide book in recent shows, and spoilers suggest that fans will see more of that during the next few episodes. During Friday’s show, she read some tantalizing passages during her book launch event — and fans are buzzing about this project. As it happens, it isn’t just a fun storyline creation, it’s a real book that is available for fans to purchase.

SheKnows Soaps explains that A Travel Guide to Port Charles was actually written by co-head writer Chris Van Etten. As viewers have seen, on the show it’s being promoted as being Lucy Coe’s pet project, and it’s definitely more than just a dry travel guide.

The book is currently available on Amazon, for example, in a paperback format. The full title is listed as Travel Guide to Port Charles: When to go, Where to Live, Who to Love and Who to Never, Ever Cross in America’s Most Dramatic City — and it’s got the character of Lucy as the listed author.

The synopsis teases that the former “mousy librarian who turned into a villainous liar, schemer, vixen, and unlikely heroine” guides the tour of Port Charles. Additional characters also contribute stories to the book, and there are numerous tours, plenty of historical details covered, and gossipy, sordid tidbits spread throughout the project.

The Port Charles travel guide has numerous sections including a scavenger hunt, quizzes, a recap of the town’s heroes, a breakdown of eating establishments, and reviews on the numerous Port Charles Balls. There are even some recipes incorporated, apparently, and readers are noting that the footnotes spread throughout the book are really hilarious. It sounds as if the book incorporates plenty of good stuff for both long-time fans and newer viewers — and is a tongue-in-cheek look at many of the most notable memories created during the soap opera’s lengthy run.

The book is also available at other popular retailers like Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, Indiebound, and Indigo, as well as the Disney Books website. The book is currently the top seller in the television category on Amazon, and it looks like General Hospital fans are getting a big kick out of the project.

At the moment, there is a lot of serious stuff playing out across several front-burner storylines right now on General Hospital. At the same time, this side story of Lucy Coe’s travel guide — and the fact that the book is truly available — is adding a light-hearted bent to an otherwise serious arc of chaos. Viewers can expect to hear additional references to this book in several upcoming episodes, and they may want to snatch up a copy for themselves while it’s still available.