Prince Philip Is A Terror Threat & Wastes Taxpayers’ Money, Per Royal Expert Journalist

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A British royal expert has spoken out against Prince Philip’s habits that landed him in hot water last week. The Duke of Edinburgh was involved in a car accident that totaled his car and broke the wrist of one woman. Just 48 hours later, the prince was photographed driving without a seatbelt or a bodyguard.

Robert Jobson, who co-authored Diana: Closely Guarded Secret, spoke to Sky News about Prince Philip. According to Express, Jobson alleged that Prince Philip was “thrilled” that nobody was seriously injured as a result of the accident. Emma Fairweather, 46, broke her wrist as a result of the collision. Fairweather’s co-passengers, a woman and a 9-month-old baby, were taken to a nearby hospital.

The royal editor for the Evening Standard did not mince his words when speaking about the prince’s safety and how he was wasting taxpayers’ money.

“The thing that concerns me is that the Duke is going around without a protection officer.

“The officer doesn’t appear to have been in the car with him when the crash happened.

“And doesn’t appear to have been in the car when the photographs were taken of him without a seatbelt on.

“That’s sending out a message to the wider world. He is a terror threat that goes around without a bodyguard.

“I think that’s rather stupid.

“And also the fact that British taxpayers pay for Scotland Yard’s protection if he doesn’t want it then don’t have it.”

The journalist has highlighted two key issues pertaining to the monarch’s consort. Jobson feels that Prince Philip is a terror threat. The royal family has protection services due to their very public service role. Key members of the British royal family even have their own personal guards as their safety is a national security concern.

Jobson noted that it doesn’t appear as if there was an officer with Prince Philip when the car accident occurred. When the duke was photographed driving two days later, it also appears as if there was no officer present.

Jobson pointed out that the world at large now knows that Queen Elizabeth’s husband does not always have a bodyguard with him. The ramifications of the queen’s consort traveling without protection could put him and the monarchy at great risk.

British taxpayers have a reputation for nitpicking how the royal family spends their money. Jobson noted that Prince Philip is not making use of Scotland Yard’s protection even though the British public is paying toward the royal family’s protection. He feels that the prince is wasting the ordinary Brit’s tax money. Kensington Palace has not commented on Prince Philip’s security.