‘The Challenge’ Star Cara Maria Sorbello Explains Why She Left Twitter


One of the most notorious Challenge cast members of all time left Twitter yesterday, to the shock of her thousands of followers. Cara Maria Sorbello has been a staple on the popular MTV franchise since 2010 and had quite the following on Twitter. Cara had a very heavy presence as she interacted with fans and fellow cast members for years on the platform.

As the Inquisitr reported yesterday, Cara mysteriously disappeared from Twitter with no explanation. Fans noticed her account was gone after Johnny Bananas retweeted a post from her, which was no longer viewable. Once fans journeyed to her account, a Twitter error page would pop up saying the user did not exist.

Now Cara is opening up about why she left Twitter to her fans on Instagram. In a new post on her story, Cara explained why Twitter wasn’t the right place for her anymore.

“Twitter doesn’t pay me to post. Twitter just kills my happy. Also… my mom figured out social media and is obsessed with sending me a morning log of negative tweets directed at me. Therefore.. Sup Instagram,” she wrote.

Cara had been receiving tons of hate on Twitter after she became public with her now ex-boyfriend, Paulie Calafiore. Things only intensified when news broke that the couple might be getting back together after Paulie visited Cara last week in Montana. The two have not commented on the reunion, or where they stand now, but that didn’t stop tons of trolls from shaming her.

The last tweet sent out by the reality star paired perfectly with her departure, which Bananas CC’d Paulie on when he retweeted it.

“I really hope every negative thing you say about another human all over social media fills whatever void you have in your life,” the now-deleted tweet read.

Now that Cara has clarified why she left Twitter, that tweet was likely meant for anyone who had spewed hate at her online. While Challenge fans can still leave negative comments on her Instagram page, the photo-sharing platform doesn’t even come close to Twitter when it comes to negativity. Plenty of celebrities have left Twitter before to escape the madness, and others refuse to join just because of it.

Whether Cara reactivates her Twitter or not remains to be seen. Her fans will certainly be missing her when The Challenge: War of the Worlds debuts in two weeks. MTV fans love live-tweeting with their favorite cast members and there will certainly be a void without their red-headed knight.

To see more from Cara, catch The Challenge: War of the Worlds when it debuts on February 6 on MTV at 9 p.m. ET.