Fiona Channels Her Inner Frank In Tonight’s ‘Shameless’ Episode [Spoilers]

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

As those who have a subscription with the Showtime streaming service know, the network is notorious for releasing episodes of Shameless roughly 24 hours before they air on television. So, while the return of Season 9 hasn’t aired on television just yet – many fans of the series have already watched tonight’s episode via the streaming service.

Warning: Article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of Shameless.

As the Inquisitr reminded us early this morning, Emmy Rossum’s character, Fiona Gallagher, has hit rock bottom as the second half of Season 9 kicks off.

Over the previous few seasons, fans have seen a transformation of Fiona, who had managed to flip a dry cleaner, take on the role of managing the diner, and become the landlord of her own apartment building.

In true Gallagher form, Fiona wasn’t able to hold on to her taste of the high life – or her boyfriend for that matter – as things started to take a turn for the worse.

As those who watched the first half of Season 9 know, Fiona invested in a real estate project in an attempt to continue to grow her wealth after being convinced it was a sure thing. While her boyfriend, Ford, insisted it was a bad idea, she invested the money anyway.

Unfortunately, Fiona later learned it wasn’t a one-time investment situation and she’d continue to need money to pour into the project if she wanted to see the project to completion.

This revelation presented a problem for Fiona, as she had poured every penny of her money into that initial investment.

As if things weren’t bad enough, she also got into a heated fight with Ford and tracked him down only to learn the “Patty” she had been so concerned about in his phone wasn’t his mother as he claimed her to be. As it turns out, Ford had a whole family he was hiding from Fiona, which included his wife, Patty, and a child.

While Ford insisted he and his wife were no longer together, Fiona fled in a drunken rage and smashed up her vehicle in the process.

In tonight’s episode, Fiona continues to spiral out of control as she takes a page from father Frank’s (William H. Macy) playbook and chooses to spend all her money on booze instead of paying the bills. Which, as a result, causes all of the Gallagher’s utilities to get shut off.

In one scene, Fiona is spotted lounging and drinking in front of the sign of the real estate project she had previously invested in before she proceeds to vandalize it with spray paint.

She later gets rude with a customer who complained about his order being messed up. During the altercation, she argued the last thing she needed in her diner were people who were “allergic to food.”

Toward the end of the episode, viewers watch as Kevin (Steve Howey) carries a passed out and drunk Fiona home from the Albi as he had done many times before with her father, Frank.

New episodes of Shameless air on Sunday nights on Showtime.