Police Speak To Prince Philip After He Was Spotted In Car Without Seat Belt Just 48 Hours After Car Crash

Alastair Grant -- WPA/PoolGetty Images

Prince Philip got a visit from the Norfolk Police after he was pictured driving without a seat belt just 48 hours after being involved in a crash that left a woman badly injured.

As the BBC reported, the contact with police came after Philip was involved in a crash on A149 in which his Land Rover Freelander ended up on its side after a collision with a Kia on Thursday. It didn’t appear that Prince Philip was in danger of facing any criminal charges, but a police spokeswoman said that “suitable words of advice have been given to the driver.”

Though Prince Philip was unhurt in the crash, a woman in the Kia broke her wrist. Emma Fairweather said in an interview with the Mirror that she was a passenger in the car with a friend and the friend’s infant.

Fairweather said she was disappointed that Prince Philip did not reach out to apologize after the crash.

“I’m lucky to be alive and he hasn’t even said sorry,” she said. “It has been such a traumatic and painful time and I would have expected more of the Royal Family.”

Fairweather added that she wasn’t sure she buys Prince Philip’s excuse that he was dazed by the sun and did not see the other car.

“It could have been so much worse. Prince Philip apparently said to a witness that it was the sun that dazzled him but I can’t see how that could be true when it was overcast.”

The royal family later said that it sent a “full message of support” both to Fairweather and to the friend who was driving the car at the time of the crash.

Pictures from the crash showed glass and pieces of metal strewn about the road. The accident led many to question whether the 97-year-old British monarch should be allowed to drive alone, or why he was driving at all when the royal family had access to drivers who could have navigated more safely.

Prince Philip drew more controversy when he was photographed just two days later driving alone on a road near the entrance to the Royal Family’s Sandringham estate while not wearing his seat belt. By British law, all drivers and passengers are required to wear seat belts while driving and could face a fine of more than $120 if they are caught without one. Police did not say if Prince Philip would be given a ticket for the incident.