January 25, 2019
Boxer Adrien Broner Missed Florida Court Date, Has Warrant Out For Arrest

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Adrien Broner after the boxer failed to appear for a scheduled court appearance in Broward County, Florida, on Wednesday, TMZ reports. This will be the third such arrest for Broner, who has now repeatedly missed court dates related to a single speeding incident that took place in 2017. The December 7 incident included speeding and driving without a license, registration, or insurance.

He has yet to make a single appearance in connection with those charges.

Broner's previous arrest for the same infraction occurred just before Christmas, where he was processed in county jail and then released. Prior to that, he had been picked up similarly in July 2018.

Broner was a long way from Florida during this week's missed appearance, turning up a day later court-side at a Lakers game in Los Angeles.

Legal issues aren't all that's keeping the 29-year-old in the news lately, with Broner also making headlines in a decisive loss to aging superstar Manny Pacquiao last week. After the loss, Broner spoke out to Showtime's Jim Gray.

"I beat him, everybody out there know I beat him. Everybody out there know I beat him, I controlled the fight, he was missing, I hit him plenty more times. I beat him," he said.

(He didn't beat him.)

Personal optimism aside, Broner is facing a sliding record recently, with the Pacquiao fight bringing him to 3-3-1 in his last seven bouts, leading to general speculation about his future in the sport.

Aside from troubles stemming from the 2007 traffic stop and his woes in the ring, Broner is also facing a substantial lawsuit after allegedly failing to pay for more than $1 million in jewelry from Pristine Jewelers NYC. The jeweler claims the boxer ran up a tab of $1.252 million, but has managed to collect only $100,000 on the purchase. It has been more than a year since the order was placed.

Fortunately for Broner (and, potentially, for the jeweler), his loss to Pacquiao was at least a substantial payday. Broner received $2.5 million regardless of the outcome, plus additional income considering the impressive 400,000 pay-per-view buys racked up for the event. Pacquiao was guaranteed $10 million for the fight.

When asked about the future of his career in his post-fight interview with Gray, Broner was combative.

"I'm 3-3-1 in my last seven but I'll be 7-0 against you," he said to Gray.

"Well that wouldn't mean much," replied the 60-year old sportscaster before ending the interview.