Nick Foles Missed A $1 Million Bonus By Four Snaps This Year, So The Eagles Gave It To Him Anyway

Brett CarlsenGetty Images

Nick Foles is more than likely leaving the Philadelphia Eagles, but at least he’s going out in style.

After leading the team on an unlikely run back to the playoffs and a win over the favored Chicago Bears in the wild card round, the team is repaying its only Super Bowl-winning quarterback by doling out a $1 million bonus for a salary incentive he missed by just four snaps. As the USA Today reported, Foles was set to receive the incentive if he played 33 percent of the team’s snaps and the Eagles made the playoffs. In the end, Foles played 32.69 percent of the team’s snaps — just four short — but the Eagles decided to give him a $1 million signing bonus to make up for it.

The team is now expected to return to Carson Wentz as the starter, and the soon-to-be free agent Foles could command a huge contract on the open market among the handful of teams looking for a proven starter.

As ESPN noted, there could still be a few options for the Philadelphia Eagles before letting Foles walk into free agency. While it remains unlikely that the team would dish out the dollars needed to keep him as Wentz’s backup (especially with Foles commanding starter salary on the open market), they still hold the option to exercise a $20 million salary option for 2019. As the report noted, Foles still has the ability to veto this deal and buy his way into free agency, leaving this an unlikely option.

The team also holds the ability to use a franchise tag, which would allow them to take a salary designation of $25 million and seek a potential trade. Though teams would know that the Eagles have no desire to keep a backup on the roster at that high of a salary — and would lose some bargaining status — the report noted that the competition could be fierce enough to still command a good return.

“The Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars, Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins could all be in the market,” the report noted. “Teams like the New York Giants and Cincinnati Bengals are viewed as maybes depending on how they decide to proceed with their respective veteran QBs. One source expects there to be about six quarterback openings in all. We’ll see.”

Wherever he ends up next, Nick Foles is likely to command a high salary — plus an extra $1 million in his pocket as a thank-you from the Eagles.