‘Southern Charm’ Cast Members’ Social Media Gives Clues About Who’s New On Season 6

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Southern Charm Season 6 has wrapped, and all that’s left to do is the editing and of course, shoot the reunion. But the final party of the season, a ball at the William Aiken House in Charleston, South Carolina, gave fans some clues about who might be a “friend of the cast” this season now that certain cast members and friends have exited the Bravo series.

For the record, Thomas Ravenel is gone, as are J.D. Madison and his wife Elizabeth who are all embroiled in legal difficulties reports the Inquisitr.

Some new faces were spotted at the final event of the season including what looked like a date for Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis, and some new friends for the rest of the cast. Celebrity Insider reports that despite the fact that Thomas Ravenel’s Season 5 girlfriend attempted to crash the party hosted by Patricia Altschul, she was quickly thwarted, and will only be seen as she befriends alleged new cast member Eliza Limehouse (the daughter of Ravenel’s polo friend, Chip Limehouse) who will provide the new plantation now that Ravenel’s Brookland is no longer available to Bravo.

The Instagram photos and stories indicate a timeline where Dennis, posing with a friend of the cast, Wilson Jones (Naomie’s roommate) says “Bye Ashley,” after Ravenel’s girlfriend’s unexpected departure.

“Thank you, next. I’m so thankful someone took my ex.”

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But while Thomas Ravenel won’t be seen on the sixth season of Southern Charm, there is a new Ravenell (yes with an extra “L”) that is a friend of the cast, and that’s designer, Chelsie Ravenell, whose appearance was teased by Bravo. Ravenell, whose company is called Kenneth Beatrice, will be at a few cast events, including Altschul’s ball with his partner, Jacquelyn, who can be seen in the Bahamas photos taken by cast members and friends, Kathryn Dennis and Naomie Olindo, along with Gwynn’s owner Madison Simon.

Ravenell will also ironically appear with friend and Gwynn’s co-worker Kathryn Dennis in a fall photo shoot outside local Husk Restaurant.

Another tease found on Instagram was found on the pages of Kathryn Dennis and country singer, Hunter Price. Price attended the gathering with Dennis, but with no explanation. Dennis calls the singer “little chicken nugget” and Price calls her “honey mustard.” Hmm. Are they just friends? Fellow country music enthusiasts? Some fans think they know what’s up and see Mr. Price as a suitable “Southern Gentleman” for Miss KD.

“You both look amazing together. Praying you’re a couple. No one deserves happiness more than you do Kathryn. You survived Tom and Ashley and all their crap with class. Wishes to you for a Happy Life with your babies and hopefully this cute man.”

Bravo has a few more surprises up their sleeves, but fans will have to wait for April to see what else is up.