Marvel Studios Shares 10-Year Challenge Of ‘The Avengers’ Cast

The 10-year challenge is losing its cache these days after it ran rampant across the internet for the last several weeks. Most celebrities have shared their before-and-after photos and hilarious memes also scoured the trend as well. While it’s become a tad old to many people, once in a while a new 10-year post pops up that has everyone talking. That’s exactly the situation with Marvel Studios who recently shared their version of the 10-year challenge with the cast of The Avengers on their Instagram page.

In the new post, Marvel Studios shared eight versions of the 10-year challenge starting with Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. The side-by-side featured Downey in the first Iron Man film, with a snippet of him from the recently released Endgame trailer. Next up was Chris Hemsworth in the first Thor flick donning long blonde locks, which was paired with him looking disparaged in the Endgame trailer with a much shorter hairdo.

The next featured Avenger was Chris Evans shown in Captain America: The First Avenger and one of hits shots from the Endgame trailer as well. After Evans, Scarlett Johansson received the 10-year treatment with a photo of her from Iron Man 2, next to her in Avengers: Infinity War. Black Widow had one of the biggest transformations after ditching heavy eyeliner and switching from long red to short blonde hair.

Nick Fury was next in line on the post, which featured Samuel L. Jackson from the Captain Marvel trailer (which takes place in the ’90s) and from The Avengers. Agent Coulson also got the 10-year challenge done on him with a side-by-side photo of him from the Captain Marvel trailer and from the original Thor. The last character up on the post was Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye who made his first appearance in Thor. The Thor photo sat next to his most recent appearance in the Endgame trailer where he will take on the persona of Ronin.

Rounding out the 10-year challenge post from Marvel Studios was a side-by-side image of the company’s logo. Marvel famously changed their logo in 2018 to celebrate their 10-year anniversary by switching the IO in “studios” to the number 10.

Missing from the Marvel Studios 10-year challenge was Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. The original Hulk in the MCU was played by Edward Norton in 2008 who did not return for the role in The Avengers four years later.

Captain Marvel will be in theaters everywhere on March 8. Avengers: Endgame follows on April 26.

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