‘Outlander’ At Midnight Is Really A Thing, And You Can Get In On It [Spoilers]

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Outlander fans are a loyal bunch who wait weekly each weekend during any particular season for the latest episode of the time-traveling show, which takes fans from the Scottish Highlands of the 1740s to the United States in 1970 and back. Each week, waiting until Sunday night for a new episode is difficult, especially now that the fourth season is growing nigh, so what is better than getting the episode nine hours early? Nothing.

The hashtag “Outlanderatmidnight” has been trending for the fourth season as fans figured out that just as the clock strikes midnight east coast time late on Saturday night, the Starz network releases the newest episode of Outlander on various Starz apps, including Hulu.

When what the site Claire and Jamie called “Droughtlander” ended in November, happy news broke for fans of the show, which covers the love story of Claire, a 20th century Englishwoman, and Jamie Fraser, an 18th century Scottish Highlander, which finds them together over time and two continents.

The site shared that depending on how you watch the show, you too can tune in at midnight, east coast time.

“If you have the STARZ App, there’s some awesome news. The new episodes are released at midnight local time. That means you can start watching immediately.”

If you have Starz on Roku or through Amazon or Hulu, it will be on at midnight, or if you can log into Starz on your computer, phone, or tablet.

With the second-to-last episode in Season 4 of Outlander airing this week, several storylines are coming to a head, including the end of the pregnancy of Brianna and the search for Roger, who was sold to the Mohicans by Ian, says the Inquisitr.

Claire, Jamie, and Ian continue to head north on the trail of Roger, who, at this time, is with the tribe in New York while Murtagh and Fergus hunt Stephen Bonnet, the thieving Irishman for attacking Brianna.

Express says that before Season 4 is over, fan favorite Murtagh will be killed by Bonnet, which is no surprise to fans of the Outlander novels. Murtagh dies earlier in battle in the novels and is not reunited in the American colonies with Claire and Jamie. In the last episode, Murtagh told Fergus to run after he knocks out Bonnet, but the English police arrest Murtagh, and fans fear that the Irishman will awaken and end Jamie’s Godfather.

“While he knocked Stephen out cold in the final moments of the episode, viewers are still terrified over whether the psychopathic rapist will suddenly wake up and kill the beloved Murtagh.”