‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Port Charles Reels As Ryan Strikes Again

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for the week of January 21 tease that this is a can’t-miss week for fans of the show. Many viewers had anticipated being left with a cliffhanger at the end of Friday’s show, and that is exactly what happened. It had been teased that Ryan would strike again — and now there is no doubt who it is he is trying to eliminate next.

As everybody saw earlier in the week, Ryan put Carly and Sonny on his list of targets and victims. However, he put his plan on hold, and realized that he had a more immediate target to consider: Lulu. Laura happened to tell her daughter about the list of nine “victims” that “Kevin” had in his office — and, unfortunately for Lulu, she reached out to the man that she thought was Kevin. She sought to gain clarity as to why the list had nine names instead of seven.

Friday’s episode closed with Ryan showing up at Lulu’s office while everybody else was gathered at Lucy’s book event. Lulu has no idea she has just welcomed Ryan himself into her office, and viewers could see that he fully intends on permanently eliminating her as a threat.

Is the show really doing away with Lulu? Right now, General Hospital spoilers don’t reveal a solid answer one way or the other. As the Inquisitr previously shared, there are a lot of teasers about the week ahead, teasers that hint at Port Charles mourning another heartbreaking loss.

At the same time, per the Inquisitr, actress Emme Rylan has hinted at what she hopes the writers can incorporate in terms of a future storyline. There have been lots of references to Dante lately — most recently that he’s going to be quite hard to get a hold of for a while, since his undercover assignment is getting intense. That has led to speculation that whatever happens to Lulu will be all the more complicated, given that Dante is unreachable.

Viewers were left reeling when Ryan eliminated Kiki, but many were bracing for that, as actress Hayley Erin was rumored to be leaving. At this point, actress Emme Rylan hasn’t revealed anything definitive regarding Lulu’s storyline — or regarding her future with the show.

There is speculation that Lulu will survive this attack, but be seriously injured. Obviously, if she does survive, there won’t be any mystery over who attacked her. Of course, she thinks this is Kevin — but the pieces will come together if she is able to tell anybody else what happens after this confrontation in her office.

SheKnows Soaps says that Laura will be supporting Charlotte in the days ahead, and Carly is dealing with heartbreak. Sonny will pay his respects, and Spinelli will soon get awful news from Jason. In the following week, Laura will request privacy — and there is a big teaser that may give fans hope. Apparently, Ryan will be anxious to wrap up something he had started.

That tidbit about Ryan relates to the episode airing on Monday, January 28, so fans will have to hang on for a wild ride over the next few days. The way this General Hospital spoiler is worded, it’s not a stretch for fans to think it means that — at this point — Lulu may be alive, and that Ryan may try to take her life again. If she is alive, it certainly sounds as if she’ll be in a coma or some other concerning state, one that prevents her from identifying her attacker.

Monday’s episode will obviously be a huge one, and viewers will be anxious to see what happens in that office between Lulu and Ryan. Would the show really go so far as to do away with this core character? No matter what happens, things will be intense over the next few shows — and fans will not want to miss these upcoming episodes.