New Apocalypse Prophecy Claims The World Will End In December 2019

Patrick AventurierGetty Images

The internet is a wild and scary place, and that is especially true when there are constant reports of the apocalypse bringing about the end of the world. For many years now, the end of the world has been predicted right down to giving us an exact date of when all humanity will end. Now, it is 2019 and mostly everyone is still around, but that doesn’t mean the apocalypse isn’t on its way yet again.

As has been the case for many years now, people are predicting the end of the world to come and it isn’t too far off. The IB Times reports that Christian conspiracy theorist David Montaigne believes the original Mayan calendar had it wrong and that the world was not set to end in 2012 as first stated.

It seems as if the real apocalypse was not set to happen back in 2012 and that the time difference is known as the “Seven Years.” That is when the “Heavenly Wedding” is set to begin, and it’s going to end all that we know and begin everything anew.

According to Montaigne, the end of the world is going to officially begin on December 21, 2019, but the worst will not happen at that time. All of the really bad things are going to begin a week later, just after Christmas.

December 21 is when everything leading toward the end of the world as we know it will begin. On December 26, 2019, the “bride receives the ring from the Bridegroom” for the beginning of the Heavenly Wedding, but it will still be two more days until “pole shift” begins.

Once that happens, the natural disasters are set to begin all around the planet and destroy everything as all know it. After that, a new heaven and new earth will begin for all of those who will come after this humanity.

David Montaigne has made some big predictions in the past and also spewed out numerous claims that haven’t been proven to be true. One time, he declared that Barack Obama is Lucifer and in 2016, Montaigne claimed that the antichrist was coming to earth.

Montaigne states that astronomical signs are all pointing to the fact that the apocalypse is going to take place later in 2019, and that everyone should simply accept that it is coming. As of this time, everyone has around 11 months to prepare for the end of the world, but that is merely the prophecy of one Christian conspiracy theorist. If he’s to be believed, the Mayans were off by seven years and everyone’s end of days is coming.