‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Reveal Charlotte In Trouble Again, Nina Is Furious With Willow

Craig SjodinABC Press

Thursday’s General Hospital revealed yet another confrontation between Nina Reeves and Willow Tait at the MetroCourt. Nina was setting up for Lucy’s book signing while the school teacher got there a bit early waiting for Chase. Lulu showed up and that’s when her chatter with Willow started a whole new troubling scenario involving Charlotte.

The little girl got into trouble for bullying Aiden, but now there is something else that has Lulu up in arms over. She convinced Willow to spill on whether Charlotte has finally wised up in school. The teacher reluctantly told her that her daughter has been caught cheating on a test with a friend of hers. Lulu marched over to Nina and Valentin, with Willow tagging along behind, to fill them in on Charlotte’s latest shenanigans.

General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps teases that Charlotte will be getting some comfort from Laura next week. That could be about a number of things. That hint could possibly be because she is in trouble for cheating. As Willow suggested to Lulu, Charlotte may be trying to please her loved ones too much. It’s obvious that she is mainly referring to Nina.

Willow is not the only one who thinks that Nina is the problem, not Charlotte. General Hospital fans have about had it with Nina’s obnoxious behavior lately regarding her stepdaughter. Many took to social media to express their feelings on Nina hating on Willow because she thinks Charlotte is near perfect.

One person expressed exactly how everyone else seems to be feeling saying, “Is SOMEBODY ANYBODY gonna put Nina in her place?? This is just unhealthy and really really ridiculous.”

Nina is certainly a strong woman and she makes no bones on letting Willow know just how strong she is. She told her that she thinks that Willow is picking on Charlotte because she is scared of strong women.

Most are convinced that this animosity between these two women is a set up for the future reveal that Willow is Nina’s daughter. In the meantime, Nina believes that Sasha is her long-lost child and is happy about it. She may not be quite so thrilled if it turns out that the teacher that she considers her enemy is actually her real daughter.

This storyline may be heading in the direction that Nina is why Charlotte is acting out at school. At least that’s what Willow is hinting at. Valentin just asked Nina to remarry him, but his lies about Nina’s fake daughter may just stop him in his tracks soon enough. Stay tuned to General Hospital to see if Nina eventually lets up on her fury directed at Willow over Charlotte.