Glenn Close’s Dog Pip Has His Own Instagram That’s Worth Checking Out

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Award-winning actor Glenn Close is a busy lady, but she’s not too busy to maintain an Instagram account for her beloved dog, Sir Pippin of Beanfield, better known as Pip Close the Havanese.

Glenn Close might have played Cruella de Vil in 101 Dalmatians, but in real life, she is an animal lover and an animal advocate. Close herself is behind Pip’s social media, and the account is done in his voice — often telling fans what the actress is getting up to while he observes, according to Vulture.

Pip, referred to as the “favorite son” of Glenn Close, is well-traveled and well-heeled — making his way from New York to Montana to Los Angeles with his beloved mama.

Bustle notes that Pip is indeed living a charmed life, one that many people would envy. They do, however, make the point that while Pip isn’t the first celebrity pet to have his own Instagram page, he does offer a look behind the curtain to see the quiet life of one of the more private movie stars. Sir Pippin of Beanfield isn’t selling anything to his fans and followers, and seems an honest enough dog — refraining from the promotional posts so common to the popular platform.

Sure, Pip shares photos of his owner spending time with other celebrities — like Melissa McCarthy — but he also does regular dog stuff like snuggling and playing in fresh snow. He’s also well-behaved enough to pose with dog cookies that a friend sent, saying thank you while not gobbling them up before the photo was taken.

But of course, Pip has his artsy moments on Instagram as well — moments where he replicates classic photos like “The Girl With the Pearl Earring” while cloaked in a cashmere scarf.

The Fresh Toast gives dog lovers a peek inside the world of the Havanese, a breed which originally hails from Cuba and is famous for a sociable and gentle disposition. This pint-sized pup travels well — as evidenced by Pip’s location stamps on Instagram — and they generally seem up for a cuddle most of the time.

Many breeds have fan pages on Instagram, and Havanese are no exception. They have their own hashtags, #HavaneseofInstagram

Fans of Glenn Close (and Pip) are just grateful to hear from the fan favorite. She is once again having a busy and exciting award season, says Slate. Close is nominated for the critically acclaimed movie, The Wife, in the Best Actress category — and many think that this could be the year that Close finally wins, putting her one step closer to EGOT status.