‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason And Sam Finally Hit The Sheets In Steamy Reunion

General Hospital spoilers tease that the wait is almost over for those viewers anxious to see a full-fledged reunion between Jason and Sam. Ever since Steve Burton returned — and was revealed to be the “real” Jason — “JaSam” fans have been eager to see the two back together, romantically. There have been ups and downs along with plenty of starts and stalls, but a new preview shows that these two fan-favorite characters are apparently about to hit the sheets without any interruptions.

Entertainment Weekly shares the sneak peek that hints at the upcoming moment for Sam and Jason. The preview shows Jason and Sam together in the bedroom, sitting on the floor in front of a fire — drinking wine and eating grilled-cheese sandwiches.

Sam gloats over rescuing Jason in some way, and both characters are dressed casually in sweatpants. Both are barefoot. Entertainment Weekly details that this scene is from an upcoming episode, but the exact date isn’t revealed. General Hospital spoilers reveal that the two run into danger in some way that involves ice or water. Sam does somehow save Jason from trouble, and things get serious as they talk about the heartbreak in their past.

After joking around a bit, General Hospital spoilers share that Sam will open up about how she jumped into the water to try to find Jason years ago — when he was first shot and presumed dead. She will go on about how she spent many nights dreaming of a different outcome, and fans know that it’s been a long road to get to this point.

The sneak peek ends with a romantic kiss between Jason and Sam, but viewers have seen the two get to this point before. Is this finally the episode when things go further? General Hospital spoilers suggest that it is.

According to Soap Opera Digest, this scene will play out during the week of January 21. In addition, they tease General Hospital spoilers revealing that this time, there will be no interruptions — and neither Sam nor Jason will pull away. JaSam fans will supposedly see these two finally consummate their love for one another again.

The last time Jason and Sam slept together, with Burton in the role, was in 2012. It’s been a complicated road to get to this point, and plenty of General Hospital fans remain upset — and defiant — over how Billy Miller was brought in as a new Jason. Miller was then cast aside, written in as Drew instead.

It remains to be seen whether the writers can utilize Miller’s talent, potentially writing a story for him that rivals what his character had previously developed with Kelly Monaco’s Sam. In the meantime, it looks like things are about to get steamy for Sam and Jason at last — and JaSam fans can’t wait to watch this all play out during the coming week.

SheKnows Soaps suggests that this reunion kicks into gear with next Wednesday’s episode, as General Hospital spoilers indicate that Jason will be in trouble. Viewers can probably expect this all to carry over into Thursday or Friday’s show, but it is clear that “JaSam” fans will not want to miss these upcoming scenes.

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