Ridiculous Wii Remote keypad is ridiculous

Let it be said that I have no problem at all with keypad add-ons for console. I am for anything that saves me from laboriously typing out my card details one … letter… at … a … time.

However, let’s put a little consideration into presentation, shall we? The Xbox 360 has a keypad that clips to its controller, and it’s nicely designed to slot unobtrusively into the pad. Look at it. It’s there … but also not there, if you know what I mean. It’s not obstructing anybody’s fun time.

Not like the new Type Pad Pro for the Wii (from Nyko, whose stuff I normally like). This must be the most encumbering game controller clip-on-me-do since Nintendo’s inflatable Horseback Riding Saddle. Only this actually exists. I mean, Jesus, look at this thing:

Ridiculous Wii Remote keypad is ridiculous

I know it probably does the job, but it’s not exactly graceful. This is out soon, but Nyko is yet to talk pricing or release dates, if you are interested in playing a cumbersome game of Wii Sports.

[Via press release]