Kris Humphries’ Lawyer Quits, Says No Grounds For Fraud Claim

Kris Humphries' Lawyer Quits

Kris Humphries’ lawyer is calling it quits, and, in doing so, is jeopardizing the NBA star’s chances of getting an annulment of his short-lived marriage with Kim Kardashian.

Marshall Waller, Kris Humphries’ lawyer in his divorce case with Kardashian, reportedly quit after citing an “irremediable breakdown of the attorney-client relationship,” TMZ reported. The lawyer didn’t believe Humphries had grounds to seek an annulment that lasted only a few weeks.

Kardashian and Humprhies married in August 2011, but the reality star filed for divorce just 72 days later. Ever since, the two have been locked in a contentious divorce proceeding, battling over the terms of their split. Humphries had claimed that Kardashian’s intentions were fraudulent and she was only seeking publicity, and Humphries is seeking an annulment.

Kardashian says differently.

“It’s a really expensive dream that won’t leave me alone,” Kim said in a scene from the new season of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. “I’m annoyed about it, but I’ve taken it to a level where I’m like, I can’t stress about this. The judge says we will be divorced in 2013.”

As Kris Humprhies’ lawyer quits, Kim Kardashian is seeking to speed up the trial, citing her pregnancy with boyfriend Kanye West, E! noted.

Before his sudden departure, Kris Humphries lawyer had been aggressive in pressing the case against Kardashian. When she tried to speed up the trial, Waller accused her of using the pregnancy for a gain in court:

“What is really going on here is that an ‘urgency’ in the form of an apparently unplanned pregnancy, something the Respondent had nothing to do with, is perceived by Plaintiff as an opportunity to gain a litigation advantage by trying to force this court to prematurely set this matter for trial.”

But Kris Humphries’ lawyer had reportedly been arguing with his client about how to proceed with the case. Waller repeatedly told the NBA player that there wasn’t any evidence of fraud on Kim Kardashian’s part as Humphries had claimed.