‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers: The Lion’s Clues Totally Give Away Her Identity

The Masked Singer is TV’s newest hit show. Fans are dying to know who is behind the masks, and many viewers believe they’ve locked in on the identity of the lion.

According to Heavy, the lion’s clues have all pointed to her being one person, Rumer Willis. Before her first performance, the lion revealed that many would consider her Hollywood royalty, and being the daughter of A-listers Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, would certainly allow Rumer to fit the bill.

In addition, she chose to be a gold lion, which could be a nod to her role on Empire, where she interacted with the Lyon family. Rumer also has a lion tattoo on her body.

The lion also referenced her “pride,” which led fans to believe that she was referencing her family. She later told the judges that there are a lot of women in her pride, and Rumer has two sisters.

During week two, the lion revealed even more clues about herself, revealing that she was all about female empowerment and standing up for what she believes is right and using her voice, which is something that Willis has done in the past.

Meanwhile, the lion also held up a newspaper with a headline that stated “Gold Found In Hailey.” The headline references both a rumor, which is Willis’ first name, as well as the town of Hailey, Idaho, where Rumer and her family often consider their home away from home.

Fans of Rumer know that she’s a great singer, and the lion has been earning high praise from all of the judges, who can’t seem to figure out if she is an actress, model, or even a professional singer.

During the latest episode, judge Jenny McCarthy asked if the lion had a platinum record, to which she responded that she had “nothing” gold or platinum on her walls “yet,” seemingly revealing that she would love to eventually gain notoriety as a singer.

Later, the lion spoke out revealing that the judges were way off base when they guessed that she may be someone from a girl group like Kelly Rowland, or Justin Bieber’s model wife, Hailey Baldwin.

The Masked Singer is quickly becoming one of TV’s biggest hits, and fans love heading to Twitter to reveal their thoughts and predictions about who is behind each and every elaborate costume. If they were unsure that Rumer Willis was the lion last week, they’re all but confused after week two.

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