Kangaroos Delay LPGA Australian Open

LPGA Australian Open

Nearly two dozen kangaroos are responsible for delaying the LPGA Australian Open.

The Royal Canberra Golf Club in Canberra found itself playing host to a mob of kangaroos while hosting the Australian Open on Thursday. According to the New York Daily News, golfers could only stand by and watch as the animals made their way across the course.

Karrie Web was on the ninth hole when the mob of kangaroos moved through the fairway. She was forced to wait it out as the animals hopped their way across the course. Stefan Postles of Getty Images managed to snap a shot of the event as it unfolded. Be sure to swing by Yahoo! Sports to get a look at the kangaroos in action.

A devastating drought during the 2000s has caused many kangaroos to begin invading watered lawns and parks in and around Canberra. The mob that invaded and ultimately delayed the LPGA Australian Open were reportedly drawn to the course because of its lush vegetation.

Australian Golf Digest explains that kangaroos have become so dense in the area that officials had to cull the animals to protect motorists.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first wildlife-related incident to plague the Australian Open in recent days. The Inquisitr previously reported that a golfer was attacked by a black widow spider during a pre-qualifier earlier this week.

Instead of seeking medical attention for the bite, Swedish player Daniela Holmqvist decided to take matters into her own hands. Using one of her own golf tees, she slashed open the wound and drained the spider’s venom.

She explained:

“A clear fluid came out. It was not the best-looking thing I’ve done but I had to get as much out of me as I could.”

Since the tournament has already been invaded by spiders and kangaroos, there’s no telling what other creatures may delay the LPGA Australian Open.

[Image by Wikimedia Commons]