Spoilers For Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Maxie Gets A Warning And Mike Deteriorates Further

Craig SjodinABC

Things are really heating up these days on General Hospital and spoilers signal that there are some interesting developments coming with the show airing on Wednesday, January 16. Ryan is preparing to take another victim and Jordan is going to be voicing her concerns about when she thinks this may happen. In addition, Mike’s mental health is declining rapidly and some difficult moments are ahead for his family.

The Twitter sneak peek shows that Mac and Jordan will approach Maxie and urge her to cancel the book event for Lucy that is on the horizon. General Hospital spoilers share that Maxie may initially be tempted to resist this guidance. At the same time, viewers know that she has also felt quite uneasy about the chaos playing out in Port Charles with these recent deaths.

Mac and Jordan are surely making a good call on trying to cancel this upcoming public event, given Ryan’s love for using public events to display his latest victims. Lucy’s been very excited about this debut of her book, though, and it may be hard for Lucy and Maxie to accept the need to cancel the event.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Ryan will probably make his big move during Friday’s show this week, but there is plenty of uncertainty regarding who will fall victim next. As viewers know, he wants to take down Sonny and Carly. However, it looks like someone else will be hit first.

Wednesday’s episode will also feature new scenes involving Mike, Sonny, and Carly. General Hospital spoilers detail that Mike will be having another episode during this show, and it looks as if it’ll be an unsettling one.

It appears that Mike will be rattled and confused, lashing out at Sonny and telling him to walk the other way the next time he sees him. She Knows Soaps confirms that this will signal a worsening of Mike’s condition and difficult decisions are ahead for Sonny and Carly on this front.

Viewers will see Laura make an announcement and she’ll also talk with “Kevin” and decline an offer he’s made to her. Carly is going to be feeling cautious, and General Hospital spoilers note that Peter will be pushing Lulu to find another source for information on this investigation.

Ava has been sweet-talked by “Kevin” to leave Port Charles and it looks like she’ll be almost chipper as she started to tell Scotty about leaving town. Scott has not been at all happy about Ava’s new relationship with Kevin, so he’ll surely be skeptical about the wisdom of following through on this plan.

There’s a lot slated to go down during Wednesday’s episode and fans won’t want to miss any of the action. General Hospital spoilers tease that big things are ahead as this week continues and viewers are buzzing about what they think is coming up next.