Clemson Quarterback Trevor Lawrence Slams Fake Quote Saying Trump's Fast Food Was 'Best Meal I Ever Had'

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence was a fan of the fast food that Donald Trump offered his team in their trip to the White House to celebrate the team's national championship.

But the best meal he ever had? That's fake news.

After the team's trip to the White House on Monday and the criticism that Trump received for choosing an array of fast food for the players, a quote circulated online allegedly from the Clemson quarterback slamming the "coastal elites" for making an issue of Trump's fast food. As Yahoo Sports noted, the quote gained quite a bit of traction online among right-wing circles who were hopeful that the star quarterback would rise to the defense of the president.

As Trevor Lawrence pointed out on Twitter, he never actually said that.

"Never said this by the way… I don't know where it came from," he wrote on Twitter about the quote, which was overlayed on a picture of Lawrence in a tweet that has since been deleted. "However the trip to the White House was awesome!"

Though many could tell that the quote was an obvious fake -- it was written more in the style of a middle-aged right-winger than a college student, they pointed out -- many were still fooled and shared the image online.

Trevor Lawrence wasn't exactly unhappy with the fast food spread that Trump offered. Because the White House cooking staff is furloughed during the government shutdown, Trump had to pay for the catering for the college football national champions out of his own pocket. While Trump owns a restaurant in Washington, he instead opted to go with one of his favorites -- fast food. Trump purchased an array of burgers, fries, and other side dishes from a number of fast food restaurants.

The decision led to some criticism for Trump -- including many who pointed out that the food was served cold, and that he could have opted to have it catered -- but Lawrence liked it well enough.

"It was awesome," Lawrence told TMZ after chowing down at the White House. "We had McDonald's and everything. It was good!"

As the New York Post noted, Donald Trump told the Clemson players that he had a choice when it came to catering, either picking up fast food or having the first lady whip up some salads for them. Trump deduced that "you guys aren't into salads," so he opted the fast food instead.