WWE News: Chris Jericho Gives Health Update On Roman Reigns During Leukemia Battle


Back in late October, the wrestling fans of the world were shocked when Roman Reigns walked out to the ring and relinquished the WWE Universal Championship. Reigns revealed that his leukemia had returned and it was time to step away from the ring for a while and make sure that he could receive the treatment he needed. Everyone has been wondering what kind of shape he’s in or how he’s doing, and Chris Jericho has been kind enough to give everyone an update.

No one could have possibly seen the announcement coming when Reigns delivered the speech to start out that episode of Monday Night Raw. There were tears and sadness throughout the crowd, and it is no secret that the locker room backstage was filled with much of the same.

There is nothing really known as to how long Roman Reigns will be out of action and away from WWE, but the company is giving him all the time he needs. His battle with leukemia is something that not many people knew about, but now, he’s shared his story and the world is fighting it with him.

Still, everyone wants to know how the big man is doing and there has been a recent health update on Roman Reigns from one of the newest signings of All Elite Wrestling, Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho has truly been in the spotlight since choosing to not return to WWE but instead sign with AEW. The former World Heavyweight Champion recently spoke with WSVN-TV about AEW, Vince McMahon, Kenny Omega, and a number of other topics.

During the conversation, the name of Roman Reigns came up — and why shouldn’t it? He’s been one of the biggest names in wrestling for the last six or seven years. Jericho was asked for an update on the health status of Roman Reigns, and Y2J was more than happy to share as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

“He’s doing his treatment, and I think things are going really well. I don’t really know much about leukemia. I don’t know what the endgame is as far as when you’re ‘cured’ — when it goes into remission, when you can do physical matches or travel or whatever it is. But we talk to him quite a bit. I’ve got a group text with him in it, and I text him on the side quite a bit. He always seems to be doing pretty well and in good spirits… We love him, and I think it’s just a matter of time before he comes back. But more importantly — that he stays healthy for his family, for sure.”

Anyone and everyone who knows Roman Reigns is pulling for him to continue his fight against leukemia and return to WWE as soon as possible. No matter how long it takes him, it’s going to be quite interesting to hear that reaction when his comeback happens. For now, fans will have to rely on superstars such as Chris Jericho and others to provide health status updates on the “Big Dog” whenever they can.