Charlie Cox Shares What He’s Going To Miss Most After ‘Daredevil’ Cancellation

The news that Netflix had cancelled Marvel’s Daredevil late last year shocked and angered many fans of the popular superhero series. They weren’t the only ones affected by the sudden cancellation of the show.

Charlie Cox, who has been playing Matt Murdock for the past four years on Daredevil, has spoken up about what he’s going to miss most about his daring character, according to a report by Comic Book.

When he made an appearance at ACE Comic Con in Phoenix, Arizona, recently, he shared his favorite part of the show, touting the action sequences that frequented the series as the best bits.

“I love the action sequences. I really enjoy engaging in them and preparing for them. I have an amazing stunt double. He’s capable of doing things I didn’t know the human body could do. And I think that’s probably the element that I’ll miss the most about the show, is the action sequences,” he explained.

He also expressed how much he had changed during the course of the past three seasons, having been relatively new to the acting scene at the time he was cast in the role of Matt Murdock.

“Over four years, I got better and better and better. This last season, it was so nice because I was able to do so much more than I had in the first season.”

Cox is particularly upset about the fact that he will never get a chance to explore more thoroughly his character’s newest arch nemesis, Bullseye, who was just recently introduced to the series.

“Doing Season 3, with all of the Poindexter stuff, the Bullseye stuff, as it was slowly being revealed, I was just like ‘Ah! This is so cool!'” Cox said. “And I love how what they did with the show… they don’t overdo it. It just takes a little bit of time. As I was reading the scripts, I’m like, ‘He’s Bullseye! Is he? Yeah! Maybe not?’ You’re just not sure…”

The news of the show’s cancellation came just as the new season started, and particularly confused fans given that the show is among the top rated series being aired by Netflix. The streaming service released a statement when they shared the news, saying that they preferred to “close this chapter on a high note.”

They also left the door open for the character to be part of other projects for Marvel in the future.

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