Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Ryan’s Got New Targets, But A Twist May Be On The Way

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Monday’s episode of General Hospital kept fans on the edges of their seats, and spoilers suggest that this will be a common feeling for the week of January 14. As Monday’s show ended, Ryan had added additional names to his list of targets and victims — and it would certainly rock Port Charles if he were successful. Luckily, there are plenty of signs pointing toward a different outcome.

As Monday’s show played out, Ryan worked to convince Ava to leave town with him. However, she said that she could never leave Avery behind without knowing she could get her for extended visits. As Ava unsuccessfully pleaded with Sonny on this front, Ryan confronted Carly in his office for being too nosy about the mystery patient at Ferncliff.

By the end of the show, Ryan had first added Carly’s name — and then Sonny’s as well — to his list. Could fans soon be saying goodbye to Sonny and Carly, along with actor Maurice Benard and actress Laura Wright? That would certainly shake things up in Port Charles, and might leave viewers seriously rattled.

General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps indicate that Ryan will set up a meeting with Carly during Friday’s show. In addition, viewers will apparently see Ryan gloating during the episode airing on Monday, January 21. It has been said that there will be another attack at Ryan’s hand this week, but some wonder if it could end up being someone other than Sonny or Carly.

Extended General Hospital spoilers reveal that Sonny will be anxiously waiting for someone — or something — during the January 24 show. Carly is going to be facing some heartbreak in that same episode. In addition, the Friday, January 25, action will show Sonny paying his respects to someone.

As Ryan plots his next step over the next few days, Soap Central teases that Sonny will visit Morgan’s grave — and Carly will be feeling defensive. It sounds as if Friday’s episode could be a stunning one, and fans may want to brace themselves for a cliffhanger.

Could Ryan think he’s succeeded in taking care of Carly, but end up attacking someone else? Fans have all sorts of theories about who else will be gone before this case is solved — and, per the Inquisitr, many wonder if Lulu could end up being a victim, either intentionally or accidentally.

On Sunday, Laura Wright posted an adorable throwback photo on Instagram, and noted that she was going to be back in “Carly’s World” starting on Monday. As General Hospital fans who follow Laura on social media know — and according to the Inquisitr — she just spent some time away with family after losing her father. While everybody is heartbroken for her, given that she lost her mother just a couple of months ago, it’s certainly good news that she’s back filming this week.

Some General Hospital followers have noticed that actress Emme Rylan hasn’t been posting much, if anything, about being on the GH set lately. There’s no confirmation as of yet that Rylan’s character of Lulu is on the verge of meeting her demise, and many hope that’s not the case. However, there is definitely speculation that the writers might be going big with this next move of Ryan’s.

Could Ryan’s next target perhaps survive the attack? Could Kevin really shake things up by escaping — and by turning the tables on his evil brother? General Hospital spoilers hint that things will be intense as these next few episodes play out, and viewers cannot wait to see how it all comes together in the days ahead.