Adam Driver Reveals He Has Known His ‘Star Wars’ Character’s Arc All Along

Star Wars is a series that has amassed a major cult following in the 42 years since the first installment, Star Wars: A New Hope, was released in 1977. Eleven movies later, collectively, and that following his only growing, with generations of children growing up with the movies and falling in love with them.

The latest trilogy, The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and the as-yet-unnamed Episode IX, has drawn in even more followers as the Skywalker saga is wrapped up.

But while fans eagerly await the release of Episode IX on December 20 this year, Adam Driver, who is playing the latest Skywalker in the form of bad guy Kylo Ren — or Ben Solo, if you prefer his birth name — says he has known about the end game of the last movie in the trilogy for most of the past six years already, according to Comic Book.

Driver, who has also been working on HBO’s Girls since 2012, has explained there was something he always knew about his destiny in the Star Wars universe.

“With Girls, there really wasn’t an end in sight, so it was fun to develop it as I went, and to think about where it was all going. With Star Wars, I had one piece of information on where it was all going, and that’s where it has been in my head for a long time, and things were building towards that.”

Of course, Driver wasn’t going to dish on what exactly that one piece of information was, perhaps creating even more buzz around the upcoming film for fans who are eagerly waiting to see what will happen with Kylo Ren and Rey in the final installment of the trilogy.

Whatever that juicy tidbit is, the actor feels that knowing that piece of information has allowed him “multiple opportunities to develop his character” throughout the last six years as he worked on the set of Star Wars.

Driver has been extremely tight-lipped when it comes to details of the films, making sure to avoid any spoilers when speaking to the media, even when being asked blatant questions about the upcoming movie. Richard E. Grant, who is also in the ninth film, has also been kept to a confidentiality clause since he received the script.

“Yes, I am in the last Star Wars. I have no idea [if I’ll be recognizable] because I’ve not even been allowed to tell my family what the name of my character is,” Grant said. “If I told you I would get fired. We’re not even allowed to take the script home. There is a lot of security.”

Hopefully Star Wars: Episode IX will really deliver, as all this secrecy is only serving to hype up the anticipation.

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