Spoilers For ‘The Bachelor’ 2019, Episode 2: Colton Underwood Reveals He’s Drawn To ‘Cougars’ Of His Season

Rick RowellABC

Elyse Dehlbom is one of the ladies competing for Colton Underwood’s final rose this winter on ABC’s The Bachelor 2019 season. Spoilers reveal that she will make a great impression on Colton during a group date in Episode 2 and this will spark an interesting conversation about the “cougars” looking for love with Underwood.

As the Inquisitr has detailed, the first group date of Episode 2 will feature Colton and eight of his ladies preparing to bare their souls in front of a live audience. Will & Grace star Megan Mullally and her hubby Nick Offerman will join Underwood and the gals to give them some tips, and the ladies will be anxious to try to snag the group date rose that’s available on this outing.

The Bachelor spoilers reveal that Elyse Dehlbom will manage to claim that rose and whatever she shares as her “first” in front of the audience apparently gets Colton’s pulse racing. A new sneak peek shared via People shows the two of them talking alone later in the evening and things will get a bit racy.

Apparently, Dehlbom will share some tantalizing tidbits about her past and what she learned while she was in her 20s. Whatever she shares seemingly leaves Underwood feeling pretty tingly and this will lead to a conversation about how she and some of the other ladies are older than Colton.

Dehlbom is 31-years-old, while Underwood is just 26. Elyse will admit that there’s a “Cougars Den” at the house and that all of the ladies older than Colton are rooming together. The Bachelor spoilers share that when Underwood asks which room has all of the bachelorettes who are 27 and older, Dehlbom teases that they will put up a sign for him so he can find them.

Colton and Elyse will get pretty flirty during this conversation, but Bachelor spoilers indicate that they will talk somewhat more seriously about their age difference as well. Underwood has opened up before about how he may be just 26, but he is confident that he’s ready for marriage, and it sounds as if Dehlbom will agree that life experience is what matters.

Could Elyse Dehlbom end up with Colton Underwood’s final rose? The Bachelor spoilers hint that there are wild moments ahead and viewers have some shockers in store for them. Everybody will be curious to see whether or not the sparks fly between Colton and Elyse during Episode 2 airing on Monday, January 14, and whether this date might reveal any clues about this season’s frontrunners.